Expressions of Heartfelt Wisdoms

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Age is only a measurement of years that we have been alive, for which I am 48. Yet age does not necessarily include the wisdoms we have learned during those years. I have had several people ask me when I would do a web site like this, yet I held off until I saw how proud my Inspiration was of the poems I wrote for her. Her encouragement and appreciation of my heartfelt words in verse is what allowed me to open yet one more door and share my poetry with anyone and everyone......

I believe in God, Angels, Destiny and Coincidences (also refered to as de javu or visual glimpses of my future). I live by one rule, The Golden Rule, and you can almost always see me with a smile on my face.

I started writing poetry back in 1977, having written all of two poems back then, and followed those up with 19 years of a dry spell or writer's block. During which my unemotional wall surrounding my heart seemed to build itself without my knowledge or perception. I took things (and love) for granted and rarely expressed my feelings to others. I finally started to wake up as a result of a divorce and the unconditional love of 4 beautiful children.

My kids taught me my first lesson of Soul searching, their love had no boundaries, and it was right in front of me all the time, and I have not stopped growing since that lesson in life. With 'baby steps' I slowly stumbled forward, and recaptured my own child inside and with the helping and caring hands of all those around me, I continue to grow and mature with each passing day.

I have learned in my life, it isn't a crime to express myself, what I feel, and when I feel it, as those loved ones in my life can't read my mind, they NEED to hear it. I chose my words carefully and always TRY to use kind words in order not to offend or hurt others. The more I open my heart and the less I allow my pride and ego to interfere, I find myself being happier not only with myself, but also with my life and all those involved in my life.

I was asked once, by a dear friend to sit down and take a deep look inside at myself and write about who I saw. "Wholesome Heart" was the result of that day's Soul Searching. I hope those of you who read this far, can appreciate my words, not only with that poem, but also with all the others I have posted on my site, as they all come from deep inside. I'm not ashamed of the way my emotions disappeared behind the un-feeling wall of my past, because it was my past that brought me to my present, my here and now. and will carry me forward into my future.

Again, thank you for spending time reading my words, it is dearly appreciated !!!!