Welcome to Wordville... The writer Kool B as Bingo Lee

Kool B is a phenomenal performer. His writing talents are comparable to Langston Hughes and other masters of the field. His most recent deposit of work, Terrain, is an exploration of formal constructs. He has not lost that writing edge that makes his script so captivating. Kool B. Also has a CD Called "The Night King Project" that can be found at CDBaby.com, or Amazon.com. We hope you enjoy him as much as we do. Kool B is stage name for the writer Bingo Lee. Both are fictitious exploits of Alvin LeBlanc; who has been writing for several decades. The Kansas native,now, resides in Houston Texas where he is held up as one of the city's best wordsmiths. He is a Sam Houston Award winner for poetry. B likes to credit a high school english teacher as the person that taught him how to home in on the skill of creative writing.

For two decades Kool B has captured the attention of poetry readers, slam poets, and spoken word audiences with his unique display barding. Known for his musical stage work with Roots Collective, Rebel Crew, and The Imaginaries, kool B started to rise as a noted writer when he worked the Houston cultural arts scene in the early nineties. The broadsides he published with Andrew Chung, in Urban beat Magazine, An underground literary magnet at that time, connected him to DJ Sun and radio. By the end of the decade, his words had placed him in the company of Texas Jonny Brown, Nikki Giovanni, KRS-ONE, Stephen Marley, War, and Conrad Johnson, He won the Sam Houston Award for Poetry, received An Access Houston Media Award for Script writing for BLOWIG UP A SPOT, television program produced by Angela Williamston, and established the first reading house at Project Row Houses.  Pageless performances of such hardcopies like Evening Twilight Zone and More Atmospheric disturbance established his moody, blue voice high among other accomplished contemporaries. B says that the rich musical exposure of the early years gives him the ability to expand the traditional presentation of the art form. The Big Sound has become his trademark. Over time, he has reinvented a customized poetical style of great familiarity. He calls it metaphysical be-bop-surrealism, an extension of the symbolism work he rendered at the turn of the century. Currently Kool B is tinkering with classical metric forms in a modern way by giving it accessible language. Terrain, the latest collection of poetry penned noteworthy troubadour, is a charming display of his creative cleverness that reads with surprise and depth. The work contributed to this baring of talents discloses his unique language use and exceptional sense of feet, meter, and rhyme.  He is truly one of few.

2020 is fast underway. Kool B is gathering poems for the new collection a. it should be ready by the end of the year. He is also working on ten new recordings and four videos to add. bE ON  THE LOOK OUT!


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