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Name: Dean
City: DFW
Country: USA
Homepage: www.poetrypoem.com/poet3238

Message: Hi Misty I am back again to peruse through more of your poems and this one (From the heart) especially caught my interest because it is about dedication and loyalty,And when we find someone by attraction that is only the beginning because as time goes on we begin to see the true inner beauty that lies within them. And this is when everything becomes magical because they mean everything and more to us because we were able to fall deeply in love with them. And as the years go by the bond becomes stronger and as the seasons pass we become one with them because we are connected in such a way that forever and a day doesnt seem impossible .Thank you again for sharing your gift and your talent with all of us here in the poetry community because you are so blessed with your flowing pen.Thank you for stopping by and leaving your critiques each because every one of them that you have ever written are a blessing in disguise.Feel free to stop by again I will always welcome your visits and I will look forward to your critiques.Have a fantastic day today and every day,Dean

Date Received: 2009-03-10 00:15:27

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