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Yana PetkovMy thoughts and feelings have always been expressed in writing, molded from clay, or drawn on a piece of paper. And by striking those keys of ebony and ivory, I enter a place where I persevere a beautiful dreamer!

I am thankful to my forefathers for inheriting the dialect of my native land, Bulgaria. In Brussels, Belgium, I began my school days with the French language, and commenced speaking English with the opening of Webster's Dictionary. I am Proud to be an American! I joined Folklore Dance & Choir, and through these arts I was able to connect with the language from my birth place, Serbia (former Yugoslavia).

My perspective of life changed tremendously when diagnosed with life-threatening diseases. I became more determined to polish my written views I now share ~ I refuse to cease battling any growth of bad weeds, for my passion for life is far greater than allowing any harmful growth to endure!


I am but a seed...
in search of,
and in need of
essential growth...
Yana Petkov