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Music ~ it has helped me in many aspects of living and loving life to its fullest. Even as I write, I listen to music ~ my way of concentration along with relaxation. From Chopin's "Polonaise" to my idol, Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams;" from ACDC's "TNT" to a waltz from Strauss. Visit me @ where I have a selection of music, which I often change.

~ ~Believing in yourself, is a blessing in itself, and with all our given faith, we can share one another's strength... I will keep my Faith Strong and take it One Day At A Time ~ ~

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I appreciate all feedback I receive, wholeheartedly! It's uplifting, and truly gives me incentive to keep my pen flowing. Below are ones so pecial, I wanted to share them with my readers. Thank you, my fellow poet and dear friend!

21st October 2006
Here is another fantastic poem.Through the dawn's light the sun begins to rise and the birds begin to sing, and the wind begins to blow and the trees start dancing, and life all around you awakens with you to explore yet another treasure in the day to breathe in the fresh air, and then to smell the sea close by as ocean waves splash against the sand and seagulls fly high, and dolphins surf with the waves to remind us how beautiful it is to be alive today.
You have so much passion and it always shines through every word you create in your poetry, and I can see the true beauty within you. And I am sure many others will agree with me, that by taking the time to read your poetry that they too will embrace the dawn's new day with excitement because of you and your gift of poetry.
Keep shining with your flowing pen because you are truly the gifted one. Your poetic friend, Dean

17th September 2006
Yana, to recognize the gift of each and every miracle in our lives is a blessing, and our journey in life is a long one; and yet there will be times when you will fall s we all have at one time or another in our life time. And there will be times when you will rise and there will be times when your whole life has meaning. We are not promised tomorrow ~ so today if we can touch other's hearts in a special way through our poetry, then we have helped someone else who may be down or going through hard times. Your words comfort the souls of many, and you my friend are like a dove that touches many people's lives through your unconditional love and that alone is a beautiful and powerful blessing. Keep writing... you are so gifted and it's always wonderful to stop by your site and read your poetry because it gives me a chance to see through your eyes instead of my own.

30th August 2006
Your gift of words is such a comforting gift, and your heart shines through like the sun right before it goes down and shines on the sea ~ life is full of journeys and life is full of hurdles, and at times life is full of many lessons,and we grow from each and every experience. You, my poetry friend, have a light within you that shines through from the heavens above and down to all of us filled with an amazing love.