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Name: Melissa/meloo
City: Stumptown USA

Message: I would have to agree with you. I think what's going on the world may have squashed some's poetic has spurred mine own...and the urge to communicate what's inside has only grown greater since the world has gone silent in many ways due to sheltering in and the pandemic. most of my newer poems are at the top of the page////I date and time stamp them all so you can tell which ones are recent and also if I've done any recent edits....also more of my favorite ones are at the top....I Long For Stars....Home Ghuey, Sweet Home....Max on the MAX, A Man Called Tsuris...Ramada....are examples...I surprise myself sometimes Yirrpa and read something and I have to stop and think....did I write that? For example...if prejudice was blind and couldn't see....I have always tried to be encouraging and let people know what I liked best about the poem....the ideas, word choices, metaphors, inventiveness are what counts with me. Some people have left because there are those here who think that punctuation and misspelling is all there is to talk about....they miss the boat and the mark entirely...I know you know exactly what I mean. One fellow who was an exceptional poet got the red mark comments so often he decided to check out..and recently he popped up again....which was just grand. I know that I'm truly grateful to have gotten to know you here...your comments and your verse has enriched my thank you....and read near the top...and thank you for your friendship, Yirrpa.

Date Received: 2021-04-22 06:36:14

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