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Name: melissa/meloo
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Message: thank you for your feedback about the cat Peanut Butter Trout...he was a stray...and a good friend to me. I am a cat charmer...I mimic their voices and they come to me expecting a cat...but then notice my human-suit. I like to think they are amused. Peanut Butter Trout was the name I gave to him when he considered me friend. I had a peanut butter sandwich with me...and a tin of smoked trout...I shared both of them with him. Most animals and children of all ages prefer my company...Ghuey was our last cat...I and my partner have written about him extensively...so great was his loss. Ghuey was Maine Coon and Himalayan...his name has nothing to do with caramel...it is Tibetan and mean long-toothed lion who guards the holy temple of my (our) heart (s.) I've been writing poetry and stories since I was five. I am much older now. I used to give my parents stories and poems as presents.

Date Received: 2020-08-10 16:24:23

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