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Poetry Poems FAQs:

Q:  Do you make any claims to my copyrights?
A:  No, but we do ask you to allow us to display your poetry on various parts of Poetry Poems (search, Feedback Club [SM], etc).

Q:  How do I get a copyright?
  The U.S. Government grants you one as soon as you put your work on paper or on a computer.  Please visit the U.S. Government's Copyright web page for more information.  [Click Here]

Q:  Can people Steal my work?
  Yes . Unfortunately, law breakers can steal your work, just as they can if you published it in a book. They can print if off, copy it word for word, or cut and paste it. Some search engines such as Google [TM] and yahoo [TM] may even make copies of it allow people to search for it.

Poetry Poems FAQs: