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Poetry Poem is for poets who want to publish their poetry on the Internet for free. We offer free poetry sites to poets that do not want to bother with all the computer work that goes into making a web site.

Everything is done. Poets need only add the poetry.

You can add, delete, and modify your poetry whenever you want. You can also put as many poems on your site as you like.

Your site is free (forever), but please follow the normal rules of decency when using it. Please allow us to display ads on your control page (also on your poetry page on days that you do not log in to your site) to help cover the costs of running the poetry site.


Here are a few sites for you to evaluate. Please give the poets feedback if you like one of their poems:

Sweet Somethings

Ben's Poetry Site


Once you are satisfied, you can start your own site by going to: free





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