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ABOUT: Well, my name is Rosemary Lisboa-Benitez. I am 25 years old. I love to write poetry. I enjoy the gift god gave me. I also believe in a high power, which I believe that I am a supreme being. Simple simplicity is the key to life. Knowledge is infinite I can never have to much of it. So for me it's the year of WISDOM & BUILD & DESTROY. The year of all possiblilities! I live life as if it were my last day living. I am a proud parent of 3 beautiful children that inspires me to keep going on and moving forward. I live in Camden,NJ. A diamond in the rut that hasnt been discovered yet. I also write lyrics for music. My hobbies are to write as you well know, sing, dance which I'm very good by the way, cook, & clean. I'm also photogenic. My interests are to be a plus size model to help discover all the beauty that I EARTH has to offer the world because as you well know I'm not a skinny person I'm proud to be who I am, more cushion for the pushing, sike nah I'm just kidding lol!!. I also want to be a writer, and a author so you see I have many qualities. I love to live life and enjoy every minute of it even if I shed a few tears it all worth it at the end. Well that enough about me I want to get to know every single person who sees my site so please don't hesitate to give me a shout on my personal email and tell me what would you love for me to write and/or give me a specific detail of how I should improve on my writing so please feel free to send me your statements and comments at, and/ or for my myspace users at so feel free. I greatly appreciate all your support and thank you have a wonderful day.

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