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ABOUT: Hello I am Aleana Eldwin I have been a writing  since 2000, I was only a ten years old when I started writing I did not think much would come of it to be honest. But as I begin to grow up, I learned that it meant alot to me and may it could help others through the tramas I have been through in my life. Also teach others how this world is within our society. How that you are not alone in anything you deal with on a day to day basis. Cause to tell the honest truth: it takes courage to sit and write poems for someone else to read. Because the sorrow that comes from day to day life is not always what we seem it to be in different classes in society. Where I grew up there was not alot of hope for my writing and even now it seems I will never publish one of my books. But: if there is one thing in my life I know in this and in my past lives, there is always courage in this world to keep your head up high and keep. So if you learn anything about me. It is this: the world around is hard to keep going and no matter there is always the passion to keep going in writing. So no matter my dears keep your head up. Gaia & Hades blessing; Aleana Eldwin

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