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 As My Heart Could Tell

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ABOUT:           The author is a Libran, as he was born on the 4th of October 1971 in Cebu City, Philippines.  He is the youngest of eight children to a very disciplinarian father and a very calm-mannered mother.  Born in Cebu City, but the author was raised and studied elementary and secondary education (Sogod Central School and Southern Leyte School of Arts and Trades respectively) in Sogod, a municipality perfectly situated between the legs of the bay in the southern province of Leyte Island, Philippines.            His childhood and adolescent years were marred with ridicule, be it at home or at school, and most often he felt belittled.  Having no other means of expressing his protests, at the age of nine he started pacifying himself through writing, though such writings were of no literary quality until at the age thirteen, in his second year in high school, when he was able to write four stanzas of rhymed verses describing his anguish to a Trade Drawing teacher who embarrassed him during a classroom discussion for no valid reason or without committing any untoward actions.  It might be of his small stature that he was reprimanded in lieu of a much taller and well-statured seatmate who apparently committed the menace.            A near failing grade in Physical Education (a minor subject) during his first year, had affected his chances of acquiring any academic citation throughout his secondary education.   Feeling deprived,  he lost interest in academic citations or to whatever scholastic privileges. Such shortcoming  made him the object of ridicule of a stern father and somehow strengthening his feeling that he’s a less-favored child of his mother, although, in later years, the author realized that his ill-feelings toward his parents were not totally accurate.           Nevertheless, in those ridiculed years, he found two mentors whom he valued for life.  Hence, if the author’s own sense of valuing things is of a profound value in itself, then it really pays to be nice and sympathetic.  First is his Aunt Lydia Tindugan who always had a good cheer and of a campus come-back English Grammar teacher, Cecilia Dalion-Arong, who had given much interest of his writing and explored further on the obscure student’s apparent talent.            Emotional betimes and the feeling of being “BELITTLED” has become the substance of his hidden juvenile sentiments whereby he derived his nom de plume and has used it since then.           As to why the author shares this particular episode of his life: is to give insight to those who are trodden and sunken that an ill-feeling may be God’s way of provoking us to uncover our hidden potential.  Such potentiality may not necessarily make us achieve material wealth or other vanities but on something that paints a prettier meaning of our individual existence.           A husband and a father, the author  is leading a family amongst  in the grassroots level of the society.  Now a resident of Carcar City in the southern coastline of Cebu Island but the author has always considered Sogod, Southern Leyte his home.

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