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NEWS: I am updating this site, as I had forgotten about it. I thought that I might need to add more "color" to it, since my poems cover whatever emotion, or mood I happen to be in at the time. My poetry is not all on one subject, but covers many, so please enjoy, and do feel free to critique. i hope you enjoy the read, and please sign my guest-book, or feel free to leave feedback, as it is always welcome. Aug-06 I am going through a rather rough time in my life at the moment, so some of my newer things might be a little darker than the rest... Oct.-08 It's been quite awhile since I checked on my site, and i am loathe to admit that life caused me to let it fall by the wayside... I uploaded a few new ones, and have more to publish just as soon as I type them in... Not all are bad, but my life is kind of down at the moment. I have my good days and my bad days. Unfortunately it's on those bad days that I feel more of a need to express myself. so more of the newest ones might be a little on the dark side... please bear with me, I do pull out of it from time to time, and write when I am up as well.. Either way, hopefully you, the reader, might garner some morsel of enjoyment from my ramblings. Jan-2011 Unfortunately, it has been some time since I updated... I have submitted a few every now and then but have not actually updated for awhile. Life has thrown me one of it's curve balls.. and though I am now going to school and keeping what was a 4.0 GPA until my last course which dropped it to a 3.75, I have been horribly remiss in my updating of this site. I welcome any new readers and cherish the old... I hope you all get something out of the read! If any wish to contact me, they can find me on facebook under the e-mail of I don't give my name because there are over 500 with the same name and no one will ever find me... I couldn't even find myself! Blessed be and enjoy your read. Thank you for stopping by!!

ABOUT: Most of my poetry is unedited. I typed it in exactly as I wrote it originally. Please feel free to critique away. I could always use another's opinion! Thanks for reading my Midnight Rambles!!

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