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NEWS: News About ღ ღ ღ Saturday, April 26, 2008 ღ ღ ღ Well just try'n to settle in and get my bags unpacked. I am in the process of moving from a site I had been a memeber of for quite a few years but due to new management/ownership things were being done that went against my moral standing and it was just time to go.... I really look forward to the new friendships I know God has in line for me. Drop me a line would love to hear from ya Hugs and Love Ya Bunches ღ Donna ღ Jennifer Avalon Good to be a Woman

ABOUT: Hello and Welcome My Name is Donna DeLong Matthews I'm a Virginian by birth but Floridian by choice. I am mother to 2 daughters and Nana to 6 of the most awesome grandchildren God ever saw fit to place in one woman's life. I have only been experimenting with putting my heart into words since 1997 when I wrote a tribute to each of my beautiful daughters Wendy for her 30th birthday and Tonya for her upcoming wedding and has grown into a huge labor of love for me. At first it was for selfish therapeutic purposes, but then as it was viewed and feedback let me know that it was also for others is where the real healing began. My writings are of either life experiences... Dreams and hopes for the future or fears. If you leave my site with a smile in your heart or are moved enough to make a difference then my goal has been reached. I am always open for constructive criticism so please feel free to leave me your feedback with detailed information of what you would like to see or not like to see. So take your time and browse around Visit often and bring a friend with you. Everything is better when shared Here you will find my love of my family and friends our fellow man country and most importantly our precious Savior. If you would like to join the mail list just leave a message in the guest books and I will add you as soon as possible Just put as the subject "Add to mail list" So until we meet back here again U take care of U God Bless ღ Donna D ღ Visit my Web SiteReflections of My Heart View All My Poems View All My Poems Jennifer Avalon Good to be a Woman

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