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NEWS: Here's Some News! March 2023-Georgia As delighted as I have been with all the attention a Wing and a Prayer brought, I was so excited to  find Another Piper being read on podcast. Dr. Earl Stewart Jr.'s Poetry in Medicine Podcast featured  AWAAP last October for Cancer Survivor Month (link to that is at bottom of this page with AWAAP news, under podcasts), which he mentions in his introduction before his read. His podcasts are available on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Audible, and Amazon . dZXb9-Yun-2u7ov7Ceh0c2g to read Another Piper, the link below takes you to that selection from my poetry list    a Wing and a Prayer Featured: Since being published in 2013, a Wing and a Prayer has reached more people in more locations than I could ever have imagined. I am flattered, touched, and so, SO blessed to have this experience of connecting with so many in this unique manner. I would like to share some examples of the incredible reception for which I am so grateful: (and you can read AWAAP here)   October 2017- Indiana ECIER Foundation's Ninth Annual Cancer Survivor Jubilation used my poem as part of their event. One hundred survivors recited it together in a candlelight ceremony. Guests at the Jubilation event read the poem "a Wing and a Prayer" by Michelle Butler as they hold lighted candles. The event was  to honor breast cancer survivors and those who have lost the battle. photo and caption taken from the North West Indiana Times-see article here March 2020 -Ohio In a news story on separation from loved ones amid the Covid-19 pandemic, I was touched to read this [excerpt from Tom Chmura's story] "I find a power beyond myself who connects me with my family. I am comforted by Michelle Butler's poem 'A Wing and a Prayer' and other prayers on"  read full article here   July 2020- Australia The Catholic Parishes of North MacKay and Farleigh requested my permission to include my poem in an upcoming Mass. Parishoner Lizzy Axiak recited it beautifully in her lovely Queensland accent.  Watch Lizzy Axiak recite AWAAP  here Dear Michelle, On behalf of Catholic Parishes of North Mackay and Farleigh we seek permission to use your poem "A Wing And A Prayer" for one of our young parishioners to recite it, and post on our facebook page as well.   Kind regards Christine Haines Parish Secretary St Joseph's Parish North Mackay and Northern Beaches Phone 07 49574855 Hi Michelle,  You don't know how thrilled we are  to receive your reply correspondence and your permission. We had no idea you were located on the other side of the world, so amazing so far away yet so close. Hoping all is well in your part of the world, we hear all the time that America is really suffering badly with this deadly COVID-19. Has been a stressful time for our world, we have had to step out of our comfort zone and reach out to as many of our community as we can and all work together to get through this time.   Below is the link to our Parish's Facebook Page, this is one way of connecting with our parish community and to bring joy into people's homes at this time  I have attached Lizzy Axiak reciting your beautiful poem, which will be uploaded next Wednesday 8th July.    Kind regards Chris  Mrs Christine Haines Parish Secretary St Joseph's Parish North Mackay and Northern Beaches Phone 07 49574855 Email stjomky@bigpon   A Wing and a Prayer has been featured on quite a few websites in various capacities: Posted/Shared among Communities of Poetry, Cancer, and Religion, Placed on Ordinal Lists/ Voting Venues, Discussion Topic on Blogs and Support Groups, Education, Podcasts and even made into memes.(links shared below)   Posted On Family Friend Poems    Poet Finest A Wing And A Prayer.   Just Disciple   (find under Poems about Prayer) Heavenly White  Doves This site offers poetry appropriate for funeral services. "20+ Most Popular Funeral Poems" lists a Wing and a Prayer as well as  Mums the Word, which I wrote inspired by and dedicating to my mother-in-law Jeannette Butler after her passing, then later also honoring reader Gracie Jean Dennis and her mum Lets Hold Strong     Christian Visitor         ffe792190909/documents/C V_Issue_12_March_24_2020_.pdf    Back a Buddy this is a Miles for Smiles fundraiser site, AWAAP is featured on the donation page     Squarespace Central Westside United Church Newsletter-Feb 7, 2021   Pray With Me On list of Inspirational Prayer Poems, saying: "Here we've collected the most beautiful prayer poems"  http://Pray Ordinal Lists  #1 on Elle  list of Ten Inspirational Poems http:/    #15 of 20 on SELFFA List of Life Changing Poems   Jump to ToolbarThe poem has appeared on quite a few websites in various capacities: Posting/Sharing among the Communities of Poetry and Religion, Placement on Ordinal Lists, Voting Venues,Topic of Blog Discussion, Comfort in Support Groups, and even Education (shared below).#15 of 20 on List of Life Changing Poems I know number 15 out of 20 does not sound too good, but I  am so flattered and honored to even be on a list with incredible writers such as Robert Frost, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Maya Angelou for Still I Rise for goodness sakes! Blogs   Facebook Breast Friends Support Group Pam's Cancervive HansleepHome   Education discussed via students' questions (on two occasions) on Brainly, the online knowledge sharing community      1. Feb 25, 2020 · Does anyone know the poet Michelle Butler and her poem "A Wing and a Prayer"? If you do could you please tell me the main theme of the poem- sarah2004388  2.2019 Why do you think the battle was not yet started? ​   used in online tutorial at Podcasts  Poetry in Medicine with Dr. Earl Stewart, Jr. [ on apple, amazon and soundcloud] in addition, Another Piper is featured in another podcast episode Manny Luna Memes                                          

ABOUT: Hello and Welcome to About the Poet-Michelle Butler Thank you for visiting my poetry site.  About Life & Me I am mom of two adult children and grandma (actually "Namaw") of one beautiful little girl. I was twenty plus years married, I'm twelve years divorced, and living with one of my best friends of forty years.  I was born in Queens, New York but have lived in Southern California since age three or so. I have enjoyed creative writing, dabbling in various types since grade school, throughout my life and stumbled upon poetry simply by way of trying to express my feelings at some particular times or events occurring in my life. About Poetry & Me In the last decade I have been fortunate to have some work published, and as a result been read by many different people in many places. I am so grateful and blessed to have had a positive and supportive reception and encourage you to visit my NEWS section where I have shared many highlights. In keeping with my goal of writing in all styles of poetry, I have listed  eight styles and their description, as well as an example of a poem I have written in that style, and below it a link to take you directly to it.  I continue to learn (currently about iambic meter/metric foot) and grow; hopefully it shows in my work! 1. Haiku: a traditional Japanese style of poetry; usually have three lines, 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the last. (rhyme isn't usually a trademark) Ex: translate to Spring    2. Sonnets: have 14 lines (usually 10 syllables each), often on the subject of love, have some sort of rhyme scheme. Shakespeare wrote many, many sonnets, in fact he ordinally titled them. He wrote most with the structure of three quatrains (4 line stanzas) and an ending couplet (2 line stanza). My example of a sonnet is written completely in couplet style. Ex: In Between 3. Free Verse: has the most amount of creative freedom, doesn't have a set rhythm or rhyme scheme, just words painting an idea. Ex: Silent Poetry 4. Limerick: a fun, 5-line poem usually with an AABBA rhyme scheme. 5. Ballad: form of narrative verse (uses meter and rhyme to tell a story), often 4-6  4-line stanzas with an ABAB or ABCB rhyme scheme. Ex: Another Piper 6. Elegy: a poem about death or grief, always feature some sort of serious or slightly morbid reflection (not the same thing as eulogies). Ex: When Will I Think of You 7. Cinquain: generally any 5 lined poem(or stanza within a poem ). One particular style is the American Cinquain poetry, inspired by Haiku. It is  5 lines long with a set meter of 2 syllables in the first line, 4 in the second, 6 in third, 8 in fourth, and 2 in the fifth, and is not known for rhyme. Ex: Jealous 8. Acrostic: spell a word with the first letter of each line, goal isn't consistent meter or rhyme, but clever wording that refers to the subject. Ex: A Wonder Woman called Annette I hope you have a chance to read one or more poems on my site and invite you to leave any questions, comments, or feedback you may have. Hope you have a Happy and Blessed Day :) -Shell

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