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 Echoes Of The Soul

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NEWS: Forever fighting thre spiritual war and winning it battle by battle. Godbless us all thorugh each and every struggle. Every day is a differnt battle fought, struggling to free our souls and our minds. Every day, we fight to spiritualy step into the light, and every moment we are closer to what is true and what is right...

ABOUT: In this earth, we are restricted and confined to boundries, such as time, that run against us in the race for truth. Time is a human creation and a timeless journey is an exploration of the soul. What is this life if we cannot feel or think, and what is our purpose if not to seek enlightenment. Our flesh is but one of these confinments that restrict us from sailng the oceans of truth, but many lessons are to be learned to those who expand beyond their minds. In the metaphysical we exist in a realm unconfined, but in the flesh this is an expression we must find. May I see you, soaring through the timeless universe where limits are but memories and what is true guides us through eternity. Travel past the stars and to what truely matters and set your boundries beyond imaginative proportions. See you in the infinite light that shines within us all, free from it all, free for once and for all...

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