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 A.D 33/Communion

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NEWS: Communion coming soon... 06/21/19-Added Gaslight and Stain glass. 06/24/19-Added Layers, Autumn and I Will. 06/25/19-Added Spring of '79 and Burneson '83. 06/26/19-Added Undeserved, Victim Collective and Subtle Mantra.  06/27/19-Added Rancorous and Sine Qua Non. 06/28/19-Added The Wind Blows, Emergency Broadcast System and Culpable.  07/01/19-Added Heroe and In My Power 07/02/19-Added Vaporous and Chips Down. 07/03/19-Added Wise An Old Soul and Faceless Cog.  07/04/19-Added Soul Beyond, Ambrosia, Three Card Monte, Anergy and Kolovrat. 07/05/19-Added Callousness, 32 and 5, Opting In, Covet, Distinction, New Same As Old and Hall of Shame

ABOUT: Special Thanks: GOD, Mom, Dad and Nathaniel.  Grandma Ray(Rest In Peace).

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