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 Grandeur Of Melancholy

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NEWS: Here is the news page, as of now I try to keep up with this website along with two others. My AllPoetry site and my My Poetic Side site Enjoy! I am going through all of the poems on this site for a quality check so many are being completely unearthed, and made into something new. Some I am leaving and some I am completely changing. Sorry but I am keeping the original ones in some form for historic purposes. Recent News ~~~~~~~~~~ New Poems edits 8/7/22 Blackness (revised) Final Mjoir Deplete becomes Final Djinni Deplete (revised) The Amber Ones (revised)

ABOUT: Grandeur Of Melancholy is a gala of poetry from the computer. Most of these poems haven't been released, except on this site. I also created new ones for this site.  My name is Philip Daniel Cook I'm 34 years old, I create my own poetry books (hand-made), am writing a novel currently, hoping to publish my poetry. While my novel is a work in progress it is called Dark Soil. And I want to eventually officially publish a poetry book.  I hope you enjoy what you see, a treasure trove of words that can be your haven away from haven.

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