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ABOUT: Greeting and salutations!! (i always wanted to say that lol) well, I'm going to try my best to paint a little bit of personality to go along with my picture. I'm a 19 year old amateur poet, with a very busy life. My pen name has been Dayoungpoet since I was in junior high and it has suited me, thus far. As my poetry has matured and evolved, I felt as though I should also allow my pen name to mature and evolve. With saying that, I have officially retired "Dayoungpoet" and I am pleased with my new name, although it has been my name for 19 years. I do not have intentions of becoming a professional poet, or publishing my work, or becoming the next Maya Angelo. poetry, for me, is a delicate art that I admire, but one that I need to study a bit more. I do not intend on becoming a master poet, for I find no interest in becoming a master at anything, because then I will have nothing else to learn about that particular subject and i find learning one of the best things in the world. My poetry is usually based on my emotions and experiences, but there are occasions where I will write for another person or base the poem off of another person's experiences. Due to my career, I don't always have the time to write, or to think for that matter, but I will try to keep posting as often as possible. I would appreciate as much feedback as possible, regardless if it is positive or negative. As long as it is honest, I will greatly appreciate it!! thank you!!

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