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NEWS: Greetings!! I have been gone for a while, but here I am again like always one way or another. Things have been crazy in my life and sadly I admit I have not felt the drive to write like I used to.So, I decided that today I was going to charge through against my rebelliousness and go for it. I feel better already, but I still struggle. I am working two jobs and hardly sleeping, but even through these trying times, I need this little vacation. I have only added one new poem, but I promise, more will come and I will be "me" again. Your comments and feedback are as always appreciated and to be honest needed. MAY GOD BLESS YOUR DAY! Andrea

ABOUT: I am the mother to 4 amazing humans, ages 21,18, 7 and 2 months old and I also bear the title of Grandma to one 2 year old little boy!! Life hasn't been easy nor has it been simple,but I've had an interesting,adventurous and sometimes crazy life so far. God has never forsaken me even when I turned away from my foundation during the darker more sinister times. I'm beginning to see a purpose for my struggles and embrace them so I can teach my children not to give up. I am a work in progress and but at least I'm still here. Faith,hope and love have brought me this far and I'm excited to know what is in store for the next chapter of my life!

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