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NEWS: I have not written a full Poem or Song in a long time, but I have bits and pieces all over. Adulting is hard, most of the stuff I've written was when I was still a teenager or early 20s. Not the best writings, but they are raw, and on the spur of the moment. I pray you cannot relate to most of them, for I write best in heartache and don't wish that for anyone. Some of our greatest pains bring about the best works though.. Anyway thank you for taking the time out to glimpse into my wounds, my mistakes, my humanity.   I do not do rough drafts and work on them, I write and go so a lot of them could be much better and maybe one day I will sit down and fix them. 

ABOUT: Welcome. The writer of these poems is Jenna, she is married with children and old as dirt. A Romantic, A Pisces, A lost cause. She hasn't wrote anything much lately due to being so busy, but something new might pop up eventually. Her house is full of a line or two of words lying about in the shadows, if she would only put them together there would be tons of new writings.. 

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