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ABOUT: ' ECHOES " THE DIVINE AWESOMENESS GRANDEUR OF GOD !!! TO OUR LORD GOD BE THE GLORY !!! ... O, HEREIN IS LOVE ... NOT THAT WE LOVED GOD ... BUT THAT HE LOVED US . 1 JOHN 4 : 10 ... O, Righteous Father ... Enpty Me Of Me ... Filling Me Of Thee ... O, For To Me To Live Is Christ And To Die is Gain. ...To Me The MOST Important Thing In Life Is Continuing In THE FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS! Heb.12:2  ( HIS Precious Blood That Washes Us Whiter Than Snow! Gal. 2:20 O, Love Grew Where Jesus Blood Fell. Hope Springing Up For Men In Misary. O, That We Die Not In Our Sins.  ... Gal.6:14 I'm Forever Grateful!) The Thing I'm MOST Grateful For Is THE LOVE KNOT! JOHN 3:16... MATT. 1:21.... 1,2,3,4 MATTHEW MARK LUKE JOHN O, Write On My Heart Every Dear Word.  No Greater Love In Any Language !!! O, The True Bread From Heaven !!! John 6 : 51 ALLELUIA AMEN Wonderful Isn't He !!! More Wonderful!!! Than My Heart Can Describe !!! O,  ANY DAY NOW LOVE WILL WIN ALL CONFLICT WILL END ROM. 16 : 20 ISA. 53 ... O, Thy Wounds Run Deep ... And Thy Blood Flows Like New Wine !!! Oh. The Broken Bread And The Poured Out Wine !!! Col.1:19 March 19th-29th,2008, Was A Priceless Event And The Trip Of My Life Time! MY PILGRIMAGE JOURNEY UNTO AND IN THE HOLY LAND!!! I Had 5 Awesome Days In JERUSALEM And 2 Awesome Days At THE SEA OF GALILEE!!! UNFORGETTABLE WISDOM ... To Stand Upon THE MOUNT OF OLIVES, And TO BE INSIDE THE GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE!! AND TO EXPERIENCE THE EMOTIONS FIRST HAND ... OF WALKING THE VIA DOLOROSA !!! See With My own Eyes- THE AWESOME WONDROUS WONDERFUL WONDER! W O W !!! ***WALKING...VIA DOLOROSA!!! (ISA.53) PRICELESS Experience!!! WOW!!!*** ( My Thanks also unto TRAFALGAR/ Best Of ISRAEL making my dream come true. ***Update...March 25th- April 3rd, 2009... MY RETURN JOURNEY UNTO THE HOLY LAND!!! PS.122 HEY! In the morning I FLY AWAY! Unto and In THE HOLY LAND!! HEY! i'M bACK! UNFORGETTABLE!!! WOW!!! WISH YOU COULD HAVE BEEN WITH M WE HAD A SMALL GROUP- ONLY 6 0F US IN ALL AND 4 OUT OF THE 6 WERE BAPTISED IN THE JORDON RIVER! ALLELUIA! GOD IS SO GOOD ISA. 53 And guess what??? Happen to me ??? 2 people out of 6 brithday was March 27, 2009. And we were both 68 year old! Amazing! And we both met in JERUSALEM. We both 2 out of 6 people had the same birthday and We were the same age.WOW! ( What are the odds??? that could happen??? Amazing! WOW! )LET GOD BE MAGNIFIED! O, THE ECHOES OF OUR FATHER'S FAVOR ... So Great A Salvation !!! Amen 8-9-10 XLIBRIS Published My 1st BOOK ... " Looking Unto Jesus The Hope From One Generation To The Next " Order On Line ... Or Visit Your Local Book Store And Also My 2nd Book Published By XLIBRIS ... Is Now Available ... " Looking Unto Jesus Grace So Divine " Order On Line ... Or Visit Your Local Book Store. Now my 3rd book is available " Looking Unto Jesus O, The Joy Leaning Upon Jesus Brings " Published June 12, 2015   O, Thanks For Coming By And Please Come Again . O, Looking Unto Jesus Continuing In His Faith Hope And Grace !!! Alleluia Amen 7- 29 - 2013 ... ( OH !!! LOVE LIFTED ME ... OH AND HE WILL DO IT AGAIN !!! OH !!! I MAY NOT KNOW HOW ??? AND I MAY NOT KNOW WHEN ??? .......    OH !!! HE WILL DO IT AGAIN !!! ... OH !!! ANY DAY NOW !!! ... OH !!! ANY DAY NOW ... L O V E ... W I L L ... W I N !!! AND ALSO ANY DAY NOW !!! ... OH, ANY DAY NOW !!! ... ALL CONFLICT WILL END !!! O, KNOWING YOU JESUS ... KNOWING YOU !!! ALLELUIA AMEN )

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