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NEWS: I thank Poetrypoem for allowing me to post my poems. This is a great way to self-publish my work, without going through the hassle of sending submissions to every publisher in the world. Please check back often for changes.

ABOUT: Hi, my name is Tom. I am a middle-aged man and I live in Minnesota. I love writing songs and poems, and have done so for many years. I also love the guitar, and have played it for many years. I was able to write and record CD's with the collaboration of my friend Beano, who is a keyboard player, poet, graphic artist, and computer tech master. Our bands name is called "Timelock." We haven't make much in sales, due to a big corporate takeover of the music company we worked for, so now all of the CD's that we made are sitting on our own shelves collecting dust. But we sure had tons of fun making the music, and Beano and I are still are a musical team. I have stockpiled lots of poems that I created though out the years, and I felt that instead of having them sit in my drawer for no one to see, I will start sharing them and quit hiding my light under a bushel. I came across the Poetrypoem site, and through a magical coincidence, I am now able to post my poems and share them with everyone. Oh yes, I want to mention that I have other artistic hobbies. I like to make digital images with Adobe Photoshop and Movie Maker, and I also love to take pictures with my digital cameras. We created most of the artwork for our music Cd's. "Art is necessary, whether it is good or bad"-Wally Cox

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