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NEWS: Let others come to you and figure you out or not. .My poetry is  personal,  gritty and to the bone. If it bothers you, maybe you have learned something? Or perhaps you've learned something about yourself. Keep an open mind and heart always when you can. Creating art and writing are essential to me, as essential as breathing. Note: all artwork is my own original watercolors. And the poetry is mostly how I see the world and what's happened to those I love, including myself. Loving yourself means finding your voice...and I believe I've found mine here in my words, the way I chose to express myself. I had been silent for far too long. 

ABOUT: I MAKE NO MISTAKES IN WRITING, IN THAT I WRITE AND SAY EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN TO..ITS NOT MY INTENTION TO DO SO, BUT IF I OFFEND YOU, THEN MAYBE YOU HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING NEW ABOUT YOURSELF....I LEARN NEW THINGS EVERY DAY.  I KNOW I LEARN FROM YOU.  Be well. Do what gives you bliss. Enjoy who you are.   Please feel free to leave feedback, even if you're not a member of poetrypoems/com community.....I like to hear what you think.  Writer Melissa A. Howells maintains all legal copyright for her Intellectual Propery...No Portion can be reproduced without her written permission. (In Formal Writing)

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