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NEWS: Let others come to you and figure you out or not. My poetry is  personal,  gritty to the bone. If it bothers you, maybe you have learned something from me. Or perhaps something about yourself. Keep an open mind and heart always when you can. Recently, a talented and promising poet from England Matt told me he was closing down his site here. That gave me cause for pause. Lets all be a bit more welcoming and supportive here. After all, its the differences in every one that make life interesting and worth while. Matt I hope you come back. Art and writing are essential to me, essential as breathing. I need not be paid to write or create but I would welcome it. More recently this has been happening. Little bits of acknowledgement here and there. Small proof that the universe knows I'm still alive and kicking.

ABOUT: I make no mistakes when I'm writing, in that I sayand write exactly what I mean to say.   My writing doesn't come with a disclaimer. Creativity doesn't and shouldn't. I'm not interested in pleasing everyone, all of the time. That's an implausibility. If you're not offending someone part of the time, perhaps you are not a writer or a poet.  My work is vital. Full of life and filled with my life. My way of seeing. I am in that moment , those details that I write and aptly describe..., and in all the poetry that you read here. 

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