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 Muminah Sabura Muhammad

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NEWS: Thank you for checking out the Good news page. Works of art are splashing across my literary canvas. Please remember to leave your feedback, vote for my poem or anybody elses. Let me know you've been here sign the guestbook. If you dare create your own poetry site --- because Everybody is poetic and Everybody can write. Poetry has only one rule. It's not prose. Also check out some of my poetry at type in Muminah Muhammad

ABOUT: My name is Muminah Sabura Muhammad. Born June 21, 1974 in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada Muminah has been writing poetry for over 25 years. My background is Black English Loyalist and Mi'k Maq on my mothers side. On my fathers side it is Keltic, Germanic, and Cherokee with a healthy dose or New York. Being raised in Toronto the 'centre of Turtle Island' currently the most cosmopolitan city in the world has given me the blessed gift of global vision. My passions are Inspiration, Freedom, Justice and Truth and it is reflected throughout my poetry in both direct and subtle ways.

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