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ABOUT: Welcome, my name is Jak'ki Johnson, aka Parris. I'm a Chicago native and I've been a writer in some form or other for a great deal of my 32 years and later decided to dedicate my writings to the craft of poetry in 2003. I call myself a word-smith; not so much a poet because, my poetry is not quite poetry and now quite a story, hence I've adopted this title of a word-smith. The compositions of my lyrics are more "story type" with rhyme, rhythm, & reason. I try to be diverse, but seem unable to stray too far from a poetic tale. My first poetry book: Titled "A Gaze in the Life of..." was released under self-publication in November of 2004. My second book: "A View from Parris" debuted in the early summer of 2005. I also had a limited edition book titled "Food for the Soul" which ran for one year and was discontinued in 2006. It was the first book of its kind containing all of my themes: My Prayers and all of the Soul Cleansings I had completed at that time. Finally, “The N~R Workings of a WordSmith” was released in 2007. I am currently working on another book titled “Pain & Love”. It will be released some time in the very near future. However the advantage you as a reader have is that I'll incorporate poetry from all of my books (and others to come) on my web page. Well, with little else to say, I'll let my lyrics do the talking. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to visit my My Space site at: Love -Parris (This site will be frequently upgraded and updated for an undisclosed time. Please feel free to continue to visit this site or e-mail me with any questions or comments at

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