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NEWS: HIIIII everyone his is Sidra Zayed welcoming you all for reading my news feed. Please Visit My page and sign the guestbook. Do not forgot to bookmark my pages and read my poems... Stay updated.. Thank you

ABOUT: Hello everyone my name is Sidra Zayed and I am from India.I love writing poems from my childhood days, I started writing poems at a age of 11 and wanted to pursue it life long.I am still a teenager who dreams of having a career in poetry.According to me writing poems is just not an ar but also the way to express your feelings.Poetry is the way I express my feelings,desire,love,passion and everything which I want.I have also released my new book named as" The Broken Verses" heal the feel on Amazon store.It is actually an ebook please read at least once.   Poetry also enables us to grow and en ovate  our imagination.   I hope You all enjoy my poems.

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