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 To Ride The Unicorn - poems about life - by pegesus unicorn

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NEWS: I have published two books of poetry that are out in the world trying to survive, the first book is titled "When There Are Dragons There Is Alzheimer's", the ISBN # is 1-4196-0244-6. The second book is titled "Through The Maze of Life", the ISBN # 1-4241-1785-X, both books are available through and I made a mistake in the choice of publisher with my book "Through the Maze of Life", it has become a lost book for me, it is a sad experience for me as i have lost 125 of my poems for another four years when the contract i signed is up and the poems revert back to me. If you are an aspiring author, please prevent yourself from being drawn into the same web i was and so many other authors ahead of me. Their logo is that they are a tradition publisher, they pay you a $1.00 when you sign the contract, you are told when the book sells your royalty will be 8% and go up when the sales increase, but somehow the royalties are usually under $5.00 every 6 mos, (does that mean im not selling my books?), they acclaim to send out reviews, editing and grammar checks, and so much more, which never occurs. they end up selling the books to the author instead, not to the public as promised. they are not accepted by many book stores and many reviewers and agents refuse to touch them, your are expected to do all the marketing for your books in order for them to sell and they have a tendency of always selling your books back to you at such discounts, the problem is who can afford to buy enough books to sell on your own. im giving you this warning to protect any author on this website of the hazards out there to them, should you choose to publish, look carefully at the publisher, do get your research done thoroughly, and know their reputation through others, i am talking about staying away from publishamerica or you will lose control of your book for 7 years or how ever long the contract they want you to sign will state. protect your hard work and your dignity. i do not feel a published writer anymore and feel so ashamed of my gullibility and want of seeing my poems in print more than wanting to protect them. authors are very sensitive people and sometimes we dont pay enough attention to the realities of the outside world, it is a dog eat dog world out there for the writer. Please take care of your work and yourself. Well, i have another poetry book that is in the process of publication with xlibris, it should be released sometime between april and july. Its title is "Thoughtful Whispers" and i do think you will like it. As soon as it is released i will give you all the information you need to purchase the book and what the price will be. Thoughtful Whispers is now available through and it hasnt been picked up yet by but should be is also available in e-book as well. Thank you for spending some time in my world. and i do hope you still enjoy and ponder over some of my words, they are written for your enjoyment.

ABOUT: my poetry stems from what my mind feels, it became a reality when i cared for my mother, who had Alzheimer's, and has stayed with me even after her death. poetry is a method of telling stories to entertain, frighten, inspire you or make you laugh, it can make us feel good or make us feel bad, they tell us about history or life and they are therapeutic in difficult times or illnesses. we make it what we want and how we want. the style we use is who we are. a poet is a teacher and you are all our students. we love to teach and we hope you love to learn. i have now published four books, the first one was compiled and published shortly after momma died, it was, in a sense, a tribute to the mother i had always wanted and it took Alzheimer's to to attain that dream it was also a therapy book for me and anyone else who was a caregiver to a loved one with Alzheimer's, i dedicated the book to her as well, for others to see. as the poetry stayed with me i kept writing, the three other books all show the growth it has taken, i have some other website to advertise about my books ones is located at another is and for my new book i was raised as a military brat and saw much of the world in different aspects of my life, and some historical events as they began to occur. i do feel somewhat privileged at experiencing them and of being given the chance to grow with the world and see the good, the bad, and the ugly. it all developed me into who i am with my poetry and myself. no i am not giving up my website here, i just have others to share my creative side with my book and show that there is another world of me. here are the titles of my books 1) When There Are Dragons There is Alzheimers 2) Through The Maze of Life 3) Thoughtful Whispers 4) Where Dreams Are Created "Thoughtful Whispers"....through "Where Dreams Are Created"...through adopt your own virtual pet!

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