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NEWS: "Poetry is our PASSION." jpw says. It is his and you tell me, it is yours. jpw knows, very well, the struggle and the work involved in creating good material. A tremendous theme is obvious; strong verbs are essential, wonderful adjectives... and then somehow blend it into a reality that every reader can grab on to; as if it were their own. "Every poem is a diamond" that's what jpw always tells us. Digging up the diamond from the ground is arduous and tedious work. But, the process of cleaning, cutting, faceting, and polishing the diamond is what makes it valuable, and the demand of most everyone. Proof reading, spelling, punctuation, editing unnecessary words and redundant thoughts. That's how poets make their work valuable and demanded by most everyone. "folks will not read you if your stuff is sloppy, or too loose." (yes, that's jpw, again.)  AND Please, if you're going to offer feedback, make it worthwhile. jpw gives constructive criticism in hopes that it will be beneficial to writers. He would like critiques of equal value. "We're all trying to get better" (jpw, pipe down.) We, all here, appreciate you so much. Your 'story', 'background' and 'history' is of great importance to us. We humbly thank you. AND, of course jpw will continue to "keep writing". (As if anyone could stop him.)

ABOUT: jpw is a unique fellow. He believes poetry is a gift. A gift, just like any other,  might sit on a shelf for a while... it might soar right to the heart and revolutionize a way of thinking. Once given, it is up to the reader; they can decide what best to do with it and that is as it should be. I overheard jpw, try to explain that he "hopes his poetry might help people in times that they might not necessarily find favorable. It is in times like these that the colour of life truly comes forth." He continued to say, "So many people will one day seek out your story ...people you may not even know, yet ~ Study the detail and prepare what you'll want to say. Sometimes, the searching soul only has time to seek you out once." "Besides", jpw would say... "it's in the study of hard times that makes life's accomplishments so much sweeter. It's not the TROPHY that brings joy, the "trophy" reminds us of the journey... the effort... the adversity that had to be overcome ~ the character molding experiences... that culminated in pride." That is exactly what jpw would say. "If we must travel that straight and narrow path" and I think it's somewhere written we must... "I hope my words might be like a hand extending back to you in hopes you take it and help yourself up to the next level... just as I have had to reach forward and use others to help myself. May this chain be never broken." that's what jpw would want me to say. ...And so I have.

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