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 Snowflakes and Diamonds for JESUS

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NEWS: Update, I am now starting a project called Where the Water meets the skies. This should constist of poems and pictures of just that, where the glassy waters make reflections of the sky, and it looks as though you could float right into the skies above. These reflections so pure and clear, Onl one creation could be resposible for such beauty,, Thank you God

ABOUT: You got to love the Lord Jesus when he comes and works in your life. There is no mistake when this happens and If you know the feeling you are one of the lucky ones.. Blessings come in many shapes and if you have money in your pocket you are blessed. If you have a roof over your head, you are blessed. If you eat more than once a day you are really blessed. If you have children that can go to school, count your blessings... We take so many things for granted living in this country and it's time we give praise to God for all our blessings in this country.... Do you have healthy children, well look around the world then fall to your knees.... I love you and so does Jesus Christ our provider....... Peace and love Chuck

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