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NEWS: I have poems published in over a dozen anthologies. ...................Please check back often for changes.

ABOUT: Hi and welcome to everyone who visits this site. As you will have guessed, like all the people on this site, I love poetry. They say the eye is a window to the soul, but I also think you can read people`s hearts and minds in their poetry. You can express yourself in any way you want. You can be as kind, loving, understanding or hurt as you wish when you are writing; poetry speaks volumes, while at times saying very little, it`s what you read into it. I hope that you enjoy reading my poetry and maybe you will be able to relate to it in some way and hopefully get something out of it. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and to read a little about me. Please feel free to sign my guest book or to leave your comments about my poetry. Enjoy. Have a nice day. My other sites are....

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