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 Pages Of A Woman's Soul

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NEWS: As I build this site you will see more poetry, (very) short stories, my own artwork, as well as news about my world and what I am publishing, where. If you have constructive suggestions or comments please feel free to share them with me. I greatly value input and feedback about my work. Hope you enjoy and find something here to pique your interest, touch your spirit, or make you think...Peace and joy to you. Publications: October 2011 - Inspirations, Images, & Words. Collection 3, Fall 2011 Anthology publication from Voxpoetica and Unbound Content September 11, 2011 Selectpoetryandprose Weekend Higlight for 'Infamous September': Today SPP is highlighting a tribute piece. Thank you all for posting so many touching tributes in honor of September 11, 2001. Selectpoetryandprose is highlighting a prose in honor of the 10th anniversary of the attacks on America. We would like to share with you a poignant description of September 11th, penned by 'poetessktj' titled: "Infamous September". The author effectively captures the images and emotions of that fateful day that forever changed not only the United States, but the world. You may notice this piece actually transitions from what was seen, heard, and felt during that horrific event, to that of truths of life such as the human spirit, and strength and unity that rises out of adversity. We encourage you to experience today's selected prose. May 8, 2011 Selectpoetryandprose Weekend Highlight for 'To Our Mothers' (a Mother's Day tribute poem) March 1, 2011 Voxpoetica: Today's Words Featured Artist/Poem ' Bittersweet' with brief intro. Currently listed on their PoemBlog page for 3/1/2011. January 17, 2011 Voxpoetica: Today's Words Featured Artist/Poem 'Continuum' with brief intro. Currently listed on PoemBlog page for 1/17/11. July 25, 2010 Issue of VoxPoetica: Today's Words Featured Artist/Poem 'Life's Regatta' with short introduction. Currently listed on the PoemBlog page for the month of July 2010. June 15, 2010 Issue of VoxPoetica: Today's Words Featured Artist/Poem 'To Don Quixote' with short biographical excerpt. Currently listed in the PoemBlog page for the month of June 2010. April 10, 2010 Issue of 'VoxPoetica': Today's Words Featured Artist and Poem 'Come, and Love Me' with biography. Currently listed in the PoemBlog page for the month of April 2010. March-April 2010 Issue of 'Poetry & Writing': Featured Artist (6 Titles); FROM THE SELECTPOETRY CHOICE OF THE DAY 1-12-10: "Select poetry is pleased to announce it's choice of the day "The Golden Rule" by K. Tate Jacoby. Jacoby brings us a poem to help us self reflect and improve on ourselves using Christian teachings as a guide. The message delivered is not one for Christians alone but a universal one which in following helps each individual live happier in a world where so often what each of us does often comes back to us, referred to as karma by some and still yet different terms by others. She delivers brilliantly a message to all that we reap what we sow and to consider this in our everyday lives to live a more pleasant and fulfilled life. Please take some time to read her poem and consider it's message and how it applies to you in your own life. To read this outstanding poem: " PLEASE VISIT: SITE TITLE: Pages Of A Woman's Soul POEM TITLE: "The Golden Rule" SELECTPOETRY CHOICE OF THE DAY - NOVEMBER 21, 2009 'Celestial Ode' 2003 Noble House Anthology 'The Theatre of The Mind' - Bio and Poem 'Cleaning House' 1996 Who's Who in New Poets Volume I - Featured Artist with Biography - Two Featured Poems 'The Reach' and 'Summer Night' 1995 National Library of Poetry Anthology 'A Far Off Place' - Editor's Choice Award for 'Summer Night' 1994 National Library of Poetry Anthology 'In the Desert Sun' - Editor's Choice Award for 'Mother Earth' (revised, now entitled 'A Plea for Earth') 1982 The Toledo Blade/Peach Section - (Lifestyles & Entertainment Page) 'October Moon' 1975 Sylvania High School Syllabus-Top Honors

ABOUT: The verses herein have been written over a lifetime of experiences; the joys, the disappointments, and the personal growth that inevitably follows each. Now single, I have also been a wife and mother and so, everything I write reflects someone, something, or some experience that has profoundly affected me, inspired me, or changed me in some fashion. Since I have always been drawn to and affected by the natural world, I record my observations as my heart speaks to me. Writing is a true gift from the Creator and if one thing I write has a positive impact in another human being's life, then a portion of my obligation and gratitude will have been fulfilled. Ideas and comments from other writers, as well as readers, are welcomed...please write to me with your thoughts! Let me leave you with the following: "Each of us experiences changes in our lives; some every day small ones, some larger and more far reaching than we can ever imagine when they occur. This site is dedicated to the belief that, no matter what, life is beautiful and what you make of it...journey on!" KTJ October 2005

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