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NEWS: If you want to stop pimping, tricking, raping kids, abusing your spouse, participation in human trafficking/sacrifices. watching (i used to too)/making porn (amateur or no). DONT believe that the Adult Entertainers enjoy that s#^^%...They are Slaves to a very Abusive, Shady, Lucrative, Addictive and Demonic Industry. NO ONE wants to be objectified like that for all to see (or privately) and NO ONE wants that for their kid!  Each time you lay with a person, your souls intermix....imagine how many unclean spirits are running a muck.within one person. A lot of these person think they choose this "profession" all on their own but they are blinded by the truth. They have been served up to the highest bidder by Satan. Each and every partaker has a hand in breaken you...your body...your soul...your spirit. It's DISGUSTING! A lot of these people have been literally sold into it. That $^^^^ aint sexy!  We must stop perpetuating it! I played my part in watching and never will again. Stop corruption in: courts, education, healthcare, politics, devil worshipping......eating babies (yes, I went there)....etc GOD can save you too! Perfection isn't required and if anyone tells you that, they are lying and hating! The less you desire the path you are on, the closer to God you will become. I'm not perfect and dont claim to be. I was severely abused by a Narcissist who lied and manipulated his way into my heart. The blinders came off and I was met with all kinds of evil...but I'm still standing! God is with me 110% and can be there for you too!

ABOUT: Poetikaly Anointed has been writing poetry since birth. Her life's passion is to create beauty in many formsHer style is all her own and can't be pigeonholed. She is a Survivor of so many obstacles and one of which is Domestic Violence. She wants to shed light within the darkness of silent cries. She hopes to heal from the pain by touching and saving souls. Thanks for stopping by!

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