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 Poems from my soul to yours

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NEWS: My new poem, "My Soul Cries for You", is a way for me to reach out to people that are thinking that suicide is the answer. I have lost a few acquaintances to suicide. I myself have suffered from depression and I know how lonely it can be, I know how tiring this life can be, I have wondered what is the point in going on, I have thought nobody cares anyway, I have thought I can't deal with this agony anymore, and I know there are thousands of other reasons that bring a person to this point, but one thing I decided is that I refuse to allow satan to win this battle. Another thing that keeps me going is that I am such a curious person I can't imagine not finding out what tomorrow has in store, whether good or bad, and the most important people in my life, my 3 children, keep me going, for I cannot imagine them being raised by anyone but me, and I refuse to allow my children or other family members to think that I didn't love them enough, or that I abandonded them. I hope I can reach somebody and please find help, don't be afraid to let someone know how bad things are. My Soul Cries for You and you are in my prayers!

ABOUT: My name is Julie and I am a 36 year-old single mother of 3 children. My hobbies include cooking, playing games with my kids, reading, and when I have time I like to write poems.

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