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 My Beliefs Sift through All That Discourages When I am Adjacent To Happiness

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NEWS: I just found out my purpose in life. How wonderful is that. I just figured out the man I fell in love with, isn't my type. How messed up is that. I'm looking back, and moving forward, I hope that my intuition is good for something That's not funny but you can see my plight I don't know what to do I just have to do something and I don't know how, does anyone have some advice

ABOUT: Brought to life is an escape without leaving behind all that makes me, me release the weight And I am flowing We are energy consuming energy only I long for originality I serve the course and hope my feet fulfill a journey as I walk the streets in longing I fear my wait will last too long and forever is too far to go alone All of my thoughts are of no importance As often as I feel awkward, I am misunderstood Most poeple waste their lives trying so hard to fit in Where as I am quite the opposite I thought that I would have more to say but for once it seems I am at a loss for words

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