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NEWS: Welcome To POETRY IN MOTION ************* ********** The poetry you are about to read will be WORDS OF WISDOM, OF THE HEART, MIND & SOUL, THOUGHT PROVOKING, CAPTIVATING YOU! into coming to know, ME!

ABOUT: I would like to welcome you all again to POETRY IN MOTION. Hi! My name is Berine Gail Thompson. I was born and raise in Baltimore, Maryland. I graduated from Forest Park Senior High School and later to attend Coppin State College, Major was Elementary Education. I attended College for about a year but decided to get married, only to have a private class room of children of my own. That is to say I have six children. (smile) Three girls and three boys, of which most have the ability to write poetry quite well. I later attended Baltimore Studios of Hair Design, where I obtain my cosmetologist license. Some years later I owned and ran my own Beauty Salon. When I first started writing poetry it was in the year of 1964 when my fifth grade teacher gave a home assignment to write a poem with my spelling words. Once that assignment was completed, that was when I realized writing poetry was something I was going to truly enjoy doing. As a matter of fact, my very first poem with a few others will be posted on my web site. The first poem was entitled, I Sliced A Piece Of Bacon. From that point, poetry became a vital part of my life. Why? Well, because as a child, a very sensitive one at that, was the only way I found I could express myself and be heard. Not to sure that the ones I really needed to not just hear me but truly listen, to me, heard however I later realized, they may not have heard to the point of listening in the way I needed as a child, but as time went on so many others did. As I got older and continued to write poetry, it became so note worthy, that I had started doing poetry readings at schools and colleges, major public events, fashion shows where I also modeled on a regular basis, events that took place in major shopping Malls, Lounges. I was often asked to write poetry regarding certain issues that were in effect at the time which in turn lead me to do weekly poetry readings on a major radio station. My poetry became so known to people that also encouraged another aspect of poetry writing. Personalized poetry, that was requested by persons who wanted to do something special, sentimental and memorable for someone who was very close to them at some point in their lives. Those who requested poetry of that nature did so because they became aware of my ability to take personal information of people and situations and poetically write it as a story with consistent rhyme. Now I'm at a decision making point in my life again. One of those decisions was to start this website, and so very very happy I did. It has proven to be so encouraging and I think it's due to the fact there are so much similarities as individual, as humans that we discover we're the same. We feel the same, we think the same and react the same, even our creative writes are the same in nature, in issues and how we perceive them, yet so different but nonetheless not afraid to share a portion of our inner self to the benefit of others, if others truly want to see the benefits as well as ourself. I have realized through the many years of life and experiences which motivates my creative writes, I have found in searching for answers and wondering why , The answers were always lodged within me. I have found if each and every poet including myself pay close attention to that innate gift from God to creatively express ourselves, all our answers are truly found in those creative writes that we produce for each situation, if you dare to want to listen to yourself. Once I realized that, self improvement was inevitable, which proved to help me a great deal and along with Gods word and it will help so many of you too. I want to thank all my very gifted and talented fellow poets for the loving encouragement I have received. If for some reason I may have been sitting and wasting time, for whatever the reasons are, I'm not anymore. Thanks to each and everyone of you. I treasure these relationships so much I have literally sat around the clock on my site when I had the opportunity and read so many poems. The writes are so grand and especially the one I can truly comprehend, I would just sit and read, read, read, with a smile and sometimes with tears because of the beauty and meaningful writes that I could also apply to myself for self improvement. I have and continue to learn so much from all of my wonderful new found fellow poets. I will never be able to thank you all enough, from the loving support and the respect we have gain for one another. Thank you all so very, very much and I hope I can always brighten and enlighten someones day with my personal expression as well. Be seeing you on our sites. Take Care Love Ya All!!!!!!!!!!!

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