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NEWS: poems for kids by polyanthum @ &                                                                               NORTH                                                                    WEST     +    EAST                                                                             SOUTH I WROTE MY FIRST POEM 'THE PRIMROSE' IN 1984, AFTER MY MOTHER TOLD ME ABOUT THE WILD PRIMROSE THAT MY FATHER BROUGHT INTO THE HOUSE FROM THE FIELDS  ON LEAP YEAR DAY 1980. I HAVE VARIOUS FORMS OF POETRY ON THIS SITE. THE POEMS FOR MY MOTHER ARE MONODY POETRY. MY POEM 'HERO - I'M JUST THE BYLINE HERE' IS PUBLISHED IN VISIONS, AVAILABLE AT BARNES & NOBLE BOOKSTORE. ON DECEMBER 31st. 2007, I RECEIVED EMAIL FROM FARMING MAGAZINE TO SAY THAT MY POEM AUTUMN MEMORIES WAS PUBLISHED IN THAT MAGAZINE'S WINTER ISSUE. []                                                                                     MARCH 14th. 2004, I WROTE MY FIRST ABECEDARIAN POEM. MARCH 16th. FIRST TRIOLET. MARCH 18th. FIRST RONDELET. MARCH 19th MY FIRST SENRYU AND HAIKU. MARCH 20th I WROTE TWO MORE SENRYU AND MY FIRST QUINZAINE; March 21st. FIRST CLARITY PYRAMID, FIRST SEPTOLET AND FIRST NONET. MAR.22nd. FIRST LANTURNE, CINQUAIN, TETRACTYS AND NAANI. MAR.22nd. FIRST MINUTE,TANKA AND SEDOKA. MAR.23rd FIRST TYBURN, RICTAMETER AND CLERIHEW. MAR. 24th. FIRST DIAMANTE AND KATAUTA. MAR. 28th. FIRST ETHERE. FIRST OTTAVA RIMA AND MONORHYME AND TERZA RIMA;ON MAR. 29th. APRIL 2nd. FIRST LIMERICK. APRIL 7th. FIRST RONDEAU. FIRST SWAP QUATRAIN. ON APRIL 25TH. MAY 7th. FIRST ONDULER, THAN-BAUK. ON MAY 26TH. FIRST DODOITSU AND FIRST SHAPE POETRY. ON MAY 29th. AFTER WRITING MY FIRST SHAPE POEM I LEARNED THAT THIS STYLE OF POETRY IS ALSO KNOWN AS CONCRETE POETRY - HOW IRONIC THAT THE TWIN TOWERS WERE THE SUBJECT MATTER THAT I CHOSE! FIRST SESTA RIMA ON JULY 12th. 2004. JULY 15th FIRST QUINTINE. FIRST MONOMETER JULY 17th. FIRST SHADORMA JULY 27th. FIRST MIRRORED REFRAIN AUG 15th. FIRST RANNAICHEACHT GHAIRID (Irish style) ON NEW YEARS DAY 2005. I WROTE MY FIRST RIME COUEE ON JAN 6th AND FIRST DIDACTIC POEM ON JAN 10 th. FIRST CLOGYRNACH (Welsh Style) ON MAY 8th 2005. I WROTE MY FIRST PLEIADES STYLE POEM ON OCTOBER 30th. 2006. ON APRIL 9th 2010, I WROTE MY FIRST LANTERN STYLE POEM. WWW.POETRYAMERICA.COM  selected two of my poems for special categories: Trees can be read at Nature Poems Pope John Paul II [1920-2005] can be read at Spiritual Poems 'TREES' is on the homepage of: WWW.POEMS4EVER.COM 'Walking With Grandma' has been selected by American Poets Society for the anthology A Celebration Of Poetry.  'Seasons' was published in A Treasury of Great Poems by Famous Poets Society in 2000. My poem in tribute to John F. Kennedy Jr. is in the files at the Kennedy Library in Boston. [] The International Library of Poetry published this poem in Dreams and Fantasies in 2001.  'Elvis Presley' in tribute to the 50th Anniversary of his first recording, is on file at Graceland Archives Dept []  'Elvis' was added to Graceland Archives Dept [] on August 17th. 2004. Several of my poems have been published in our village newspaper. October 1st. 2003 was when I first posted my poetry at this website and I want to THANK everyone who signed the GUESTBOOK and critiqued my poems. A special Thank You to the Royal Marine who left favorable feedback to my poem: THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER Grateful THANKS to those websites that have acknowledged my poems, and special thanks to the website: for the information re the specs on the Routemaster bus for my poem The Number 12 Bus. Go raibh maith agaibh to: for the Gaelic translation in my poem REMINISCENCES I am thankful to Michael Commins of  who read my poem 'St.Patrick's Day' on air March 15th 2015 & published it in the local newspaper  He also published  'The Rannaicheacht Ghairid' (Sept 2015)  & 'Christmas Memories' (Dec 2015) On November 5th 2016. Michael published my poem 'Mo Mathair' translated from Gaelic is 'My Mother' in a newspaper in County Mayo where I was born - thanks Michael high5.  He read my poem 'Billy Graham' on his show February 28th 2018. Micael also read my poem Pope John Paul II on March 28th on his radio show two days before my beloved husband went to his eternal rest on Good Friday and Passover March 30th 2018 RIP. 'Lilacs & Laburnums' was published in  by Michael June 2018. AND  Brendan Gavin of who read 'Summertime Memories' on air April 28th 2016 - THANKS Brendan  poems for kids by polyanthum @ and "Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash" - Leonard Cohen 9/21/1934 - 11/7/2016 "There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream, The earth, and every common sight, To me did seem Apparelled in celestial light, The glory and the freshness of a dream. It is not now as it hath been of yore; - Turn whereso'er I may, By night or day, The things which I have seen I  now can see no more  - William Wordsworth, Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood (1807) "I am only a pencil in the hand of God, but it is He who writes..." - St. Teresa of Calcutta. "Poetry is the capture of a picture, a song, or a flair, in a deliberate prism of words" - Carl Sandburg.

ABOUT: poems for kids by polyanthum @ &   "WHEN WE COME TO THE END OF OUR LIFE, WE DON'T HAVE TO ACCOUNT TO OUR CRITICS, WE HAVE TO ACCOUNT TO GOD" -Joel Osteen Poetry "THE BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN THE WORLD CANNOT BE SEEN OR EVEN TOUCHED; THEY MUST BE FELT WITH THE HEART" - Helen Keller [1880-1968] "THE ONLY LASTING BEAUTY IS THE BEAUTY OF THE HEART" - Robert Frost [1874-1963] POET LAUREATE 1958-1959 AND INAUGURAL POET IN 1961 FOR PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY. "THE TWO MOST INTERESTING CHARACTERS OF THE 19th CENTURY ARE NAPOLEON AND HELEN KELLER..." - Mark Twain [1835-1910] "FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN GOD, NO EXPLANATION IS NECESSARY. FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE, NO EXPLANATION IS POSSIBLE" - From 'Song of Bernadette.' Spiritual Poems I wrote my first poem a few years after my mother told me the story of the wild primrose that my father picked on Leap Year Day in the village of Coogue, Co. Mayo,  Ireland, where I was born.   The root was attached, so my mother planted it in a pot and it flowered indoors, all year round for three years. When my father passed on May 10th 1983, it was planted on his grave. My parents were the inspiration for my first poem 'The Primrose'. With the sudden passing of my beloved mother on November 11th 2001, I have dedicated all my poems to their memory.  My mother's choice of name for me was Attracta, she had wanted to call her first & second daughter that name, but the tradition was to name children after family names. My grandmother RIP said "well aren't there plenty of family names besides one that no one ever heard of..." so my dear dad (always the peacemaker) as he carried me out of the house for the Christening said "as she was born on the Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul we'll put Pauline with it, and she will like it better when she grows up..." he often called me by the nickname Polyanthum, so in gratitude to my wonderful parents,  I use both names on this site.

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