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 www.poetrypoems/prencess1My Demention and Words of a Poet

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NEWS: WRITER IN PUBLICATION  BOOKS AND DVD AVAILABLE EASTER RHYTHMICS ANIMATED DVD IBSN 7794045 KIDS MAGICAL DISNEY                            IBSN 978-0-557-16057-0 CHRISTMAS SHADOW                             ISBN 987-0-615-17288-0 PEPI THE FROGS THANSGIVING          IBSN 978-0-557-14476 CHILDRENS PICTURE BOOK @ LU;U.COM YOU CAN LOOK FOR MANY OF HER LITERATURE PUBLICATIONS AT NOBLE HOUSE 2014  amazon.xom           R ethel white sims    upcoming Books Black Velver  and also Fathers day literature FAMOUS POETS SOCIETY SPARROW PUBLICATION AND  MORE

ABOUT: Hello And Welcome to my site here you shall find many poems to enhance The ability of self awareness I write In respect to all entering into the emotions Of all dealing with the inner aspects of the inner mind the reality and truth Of what society is all about. In Flourishing in your demention Your World My World and The World of all Trying hard to reach that inner point no matter what nationality or race feelings Emotions throughts are felt around the world and this is what poetry is all About the good the bad the sad the happyness and being mad So Welcome to My Demention/ Words Of A Poet.@ Ms REWS. 07/19/2011 Ms Raymunda E White Sims A writer Poet Very Loveing Family Person loves to Travel and have a great time you usualy find her spending time with family Or sitting in front of the T.V putting her throughts together. She has traveled to many symposiums around the world and mengled with many Others of her status through out Washington DC Florida Nevada and other places She has been awarded many plaks trophys medalions certificate through her Travel the editor award certificate most of her work is published in many Anthologies around the world she has some works for view at Recently she has started a new site which is still under renovation www.yolasite. so please feel free to view that. Ms White Sims Has pursued her Bac Mas and Doc attending Lyons Institute In Newark New Jersey Essex county colledge Police correspondent School Philadelphia Pennsylvania Essex colledge Business NWK N.J. Penn State University pennsyvania Harrison career Institute Cardiology Nwk N.J. and Rochville University MD She also holds her Health Care Providers Cpr Her Adult Infant and child certification Certifiication for couseling alcohol drug abuse also certification for cardiovas term

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