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 The Memories I Keep

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ABOUT:  Many of my poems and short stories chronicle a lifelong struggle with the ups and downs of everyday life. They are direct, full of a variety of emotions, and usually, have a message or meaning of social significance that most common folk can relate to. Rather than using complex imagery with flowery words, metaphors, and similes that most people don’t understand, I try to keep it simple. Some poems have a personal meaning, others are only an idea, and some emerged from activities or challenges from a variety of writing avenues. Most of my poems rhyme because I like the challenge and they are, for me, simply more fun. These writing’s, quite frankly, describe one man’s beliefs and feelings about a world that is sometimes cruel. If “The Memories I Keep” can help someone smile, even if it’s for a moment, then this world is a better place for us all and for that I feel good. Visit me on facebook by clicking here! Visit my Amazon authors page at this link below

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