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NEWS: Poems flow into our spirit taking an angelic flight.Also the darkness the lover of brightness smile from her day light to the night of her wing site. Like the song "Night and Day" you are the poem one  come to my Bed and Breakfast stay. Robin's wings special touch of words to deliver. Her energy her lifted words above her thinking pen a writing a balance of symmetry. Her creation of poems opening another amazing "Butterfly" reach higher then you could ever imagine that's your sky. The world of wisdom home Poems of our domain. Tell me whats new with you. What will be?Just Me Poems our eyes of the world to see.Just show me what you're made of let's fly... 

ABOUT: Couldn’t wait to see the world now it’s a click away. Everyone’s shot gifted universal play.” Times may change” I grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn How I love New York City.There's no other place I rather see.What remains deep in my heart Poems are where I want to be. Big trees serene writing from the busy streets fingers clicking websites. The love is in the air poem put a certain smile with flair. Going Uptown or meeting someone halfway but we are a whole heart anyway. My cool video I did it's homemade story poem its called "The sun comes to her voice" check it out. Wearing your words on your poem tea-shirt. Going to the cafes in your poetically cool skirt. I know where I was born in Brooklyn. Being like a nutcracker but like a firecracker in my ballet steps Masquerade ball window dressing shopping and the people fascinate me.                              ıllıllı                              𝓁❤𝓋𝑒                                          ıllıllı                      ♥                 ıllıllı                                                                                      ◔◡◔ The poem our morning glory the Sunrise to the sunset how a poem can bring you closer. We lead the way to our poems orchestrated hands touch caramelized sweet 𝒞💗𝓂𝓅🍬𝓈𝑒𝓇. You can call me Robin bird in poem flight also the hard-working "Poetic" cool wife. My family supports me. Maybe I am amazed to be loved by so many artists and poems articulate. The universe goes in a flash no time to hush.Say what's on your mind our poems will forever last. We modernized our ways from candles to high-tech lighting.Our heads are rising over-touched by poems the height of our poetic heels. Our feet stay on a peaceful spiritual ground no one can put a candle in our writing. shining like the "Statue of liberty"

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