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NEWS: I feel truly honored to be among such gifted and creative artists, each of whom walk their own path, but share a special bond with every one else here. I'm truly humbled. You welcomed me with open arms with no anomsity or judgment, and that is very rare these days. Blessed Be to each of you. Rusty The following 2 poets I cannot seem to locate to write my thank yous, so I hope they will find them here. Sherlock: I wish to thank you for your very kind and generous comments concerning my poem 'Nighttime Mistress'. The descriptive words you used in your comment are prose of their own, used in such a manner as to conjure images of beauty, and colour within the mind of the recipient. Your words are most kind, and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. Brokenhalo2:I wish to thank you for your kind comment concerning my poem 'Colours of Emotion'. The delightful words people often use in their comments paint a wonderful masterpiece in their own right. I thank you for your visit. Again my heartfelt thanks to all those who kindly took the time to visit my site and check out my work. Blessed Be to each, Rusty. ***** Sandra Leon: Sorry I can't seem to find your page here at PoertryPoem. Annagallys had sent me a note informing me you were interested in info concerning my latest book 'Young Minds'. It is a collection of short stories for children, as well the young at heart, and is available at the online bookstore at It is available in both Paperback-listing at $15.99 U.S. and Hardback-listing at $25.99 U.S. It is also available by calling Xlibris at the phone number listed on my homepage and providing the Title and Book I.D. which is also listed on my homepage. Thankyou for your interest in my work, and I hope you enjoy the book! Blessed Be, Rusty. ***** Released today> April 6th./10 my newest book 'YOUNG MINDS'. I'm pleased to be able to bring this long awaited children's collection to the for-front. I hope it will bring as much enjoyment to those who read it in the way I did recalling the memories behind many of the stories within. The direct link to this book is 'now available' on my introduction page where it can be viewed and ordered at the online bookstore at The book will soon be available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble and I will post that availability when it becomes known to me. Blessed Be, Rusty. ***** Well here I am, almost overwhelmed but with a smile from ear to ear! I've written poetry for eons, always enjoying my dabbling in prose and rhyme, always trying to conjure up something new but today I sit in awe of all the wonderful poets and their inspiring, encouraging words to me yesterday, as well today. I'm basically a shy person, though one might find this intriging, but it is true none-the-less. In the world of writing shyness can often be a weight around your neck, especially when you're trying to get your latest piece noticed and picked up--that can even be the easiest part of it all because the promoting and all that entails can sometimes be overwhelming. I'm recently published--well six months on the market now, but in the span of the publishing world I'm a novice still very wet behind the ears--but I'm learning quickly. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their inspiration, their kind thoughts and words, and for taking the time to visit my site and read my offerings--in so many ways my life in words. James and Annagallys, Alyssa, Annette, Fred Pifer, Jarid, Bob (wolfman), Janet author 3578, Aaron (amanthatcan), Solidgold 247, Kelly (wings to fly to heaven), Robert (roberthaigh),Pam (fierywhispers), Bonneesalma, Juliette (white dove), Josette, Snow Poetry, and Deb 2740. I'd also like to thank Janet (author 3578) for her kind comments concerning my piece: 'Canopy of Blue'. I couldn't find you in the list to go to your site to thank you personally, so hopefully you'll read my thankyou here. Also to the person who came up as 'unknown' who commented on my piece, 'True Love's Calling'. I thankyou for your kind comments and for coming by my site. If I've over-looked anyone please accept my apologie. I look forward to reading more from each of the gifted poets and writers here, and I thank each of you again for accepting me into your club, and for letting me take part. If I appear absent in the weeks to come please forgive as I'm currently revising the sequel to my 1st. novel that is expected in July. Dosen't leave a lot of free time, but it's whatI've strived for now for a very long time. Again my sincere thanks to "each of you". Blessed Be, Rusty. ***** My 1st. novel,the 1st of 2 >Passion in Paris ( Connections to the Past) expected on the market in July! The sequel > Passion in Paris ( Forever and Beyond) to follow. I shall post updates when they become available. My first book, FEELINGS ( A Rythmic Journey in Thought) a first collection of poetry, is doing well. I thank each and every one who has kindly bought a copy and also a huge thankyou to those who have taken the time to read it and comment. It is from there where a book grows and takes on a life of its own, and it is also from the first beginnings can a book forge a path for future ones to follow My thanks again for interest in my site here, as well my written work. Blessed Be, Rusty. *****

ABOUT: Hi! Rusty Blackwood here! I'd like to welcome each of you to 'Inspiration In Thought', a contemporary collection of poems and prose - in general my life in words. I hardly remember a time when I didn't care to write. From the time of childhood to the present I've loved to record my thoughts, feelings, and inspirations through written word. I became a serious writer in 2001, and since that time have written countless poems, short stories for both children and adults, and have currently finished my third novel. *Please note that my work is totally oringinal, and I hold the copyright which is protected under Canadian Copyright Law which protects its Authors and Artists from fraud of any kind*. When I'm not sitting before my keyboard, I can be found enjoying nature in its many wonderous forms, working within my gardens, hanging out with my friends, enjoying my adopted cat, Tipper, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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