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 Jessica's Poems and other Scrawlings!

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NEWS: Just put up an unformatted copy of a project very close to me called 'My Window'. Looking forward to feedback comments and critque. If anyone wants to see a formatted *.doc leave contact info in your feedback.

ABOUT: Many people look at my work and I've had the question asked "what is the overall theme here?" "What drives you to write like you do?" Well as always I like to please my fans so here's my best shot at an answer. Many of my pieces reflect on a certain emotion whether it be love, hate, anger, compassion or hopelessness. My hope is that by putting these pieces out there others can realize that someone else has felt this way too and that they are not alome in this world. Some pieces are meant to make you think about things from a different set of shoes and some are based on my own life. I write to exercise my demons and to explore my emotions. To control them and make them work for me as best I can. I've never been good at talking about myself but writing seems to help me get feelings out of my system that build over time. This way I can be more effective in my life rather than having my emotions take me over. I've been writing since I could put together a sentence. I don't plan on stopping either. Hope that answers your guys' questions!

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