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 True Colours by Shelley Wilson

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NEWS: My first book - PHOENIX FROM WITHIN is now out and available to buy Thanks to everyone who has visited so far and all the support. 20000+ views amazes me. If anyone has any suggestions for improvement to my work or the page please feel free to send me a message/comment. Thanks. Momento Vivere

ABOUT: I have a mixture of my older stuff pre 2008 and my recent poems October 2011 onwards on here though only 12 are from my original teenage mullings. I've led an eventful life to say the least and this in turn has affected my poetry for the good times and the bad. My Grandmother had such a profound impact on my life. She was like a mother to me and her death in 2001 hit me so hard. It was this loss that sparked me to write my first poem, Days in the Sun when bored in a English GCSE class in 2003. My most emotional poems I believe are those related to her. Another impact was the hardships I had to overcome as a child including abuse, bullying, depression etc this has led to some of my darker material. The way I see life is what hurts you only makes you stronger. Everything happens for a reason good and bad and it is what you take from these experiences and how you use it that shapes the person you are. Now I've overcome my hurdles I find I don't write as much new poetry as I once did. The way I like to think of it though is that I'm taking time out and as a result of everything I like to think I will come back to it more enlightened. Please feel free to leave feedback. I welcome it. Take care

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