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 The Thoughts, Feelings, The Life Of Sweetness

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NEWS: I'm hoping that anyone who visits my site and reads my poetry, will hopefully be someone who's been in some of these situations that I've been through and can relate to them. I want to thank everyone that's visited my site. I appreciate the feedbacks, I like knowing what other people think of my work.Oh and I got some good news I just made another website, but all the poems are in Spanish! If you know how to read in Spanish here's the website and I know my spelling is not all that good, but I got a friend helping me now so I'll be fixing all the misspelled words soon lol! Please check it out! Hey I just put up some new poems hope you all enjoy them and I will have some more up, So stay tuned!  I also have a discord server for anyone who wants to join not just for poets, though there is a channel only dedicated to poetry on there, Here is the link ~Mandy Gtz~  

ABOUT:   I have been writing poetry for many years. It is the best way I can express myself. These poems are my true feelings and emotions. They're about different times in my life when I wanted to speak out, but couldn't, they come from my heart and soul. I always wanted to have my own site to put them all there for everyone to see and read them. I want to share some parts of my life with people, and I can now through this site.  

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