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NEWS: Tamara Beryl Lathamo Retired Research and Development Chemist Born:  July 31, Brisbane, Australia  U.S. Citizen Vietnam Veteran - U.S. Navy (WAVES) - Top Secret Message Center Published in peer-revewed scientific publications U.S. Patent - Caner antiemetic   The Trinity  (3 separate or interchangeable entities under 1 Godhead) Just as in Einsteinian theory, where 1 form of Energy can exist in 3 different states, there is ONLY ONE GOD, who can exist as three different entities.  There are not 3 Einstein theories, there is only ONE theory, and it is the same with the Trinity, there is only ONE God. Theory of the Trinity -  © 1996, 2007   E= mc^2  where   E= Energy (God) = The Father m= mass (Jesus Christ)  = The Son c = speed of light (Holy Spirit) =  The Mother  (Ruach HaKodesh - female gender) Copyrights on the Trinity theory, issued in 1996 and again in 2007   U.S. Library of Congress    Tamara B. Latham - Copyright #  PAu 2-098-293  6/17/96 Tamara B. Latham - Copyright #  PAu 3-141-023  8/13/07 Who/What is the Ruach HaKodesh Rabbi/Brother Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky     The Trinity exists as a family unit, just as God intended for all of us. Jesus' body gave off intense radiation at the resurrection and this fact was responsible for the formation of the image on the Shroud of Turin.    Tamara Beryl Latham holds over 35 copyrights.   Jesus and God are one and the same:  Ex 3:14, John 8:58, Rev 21:6 and Rev 22:13 And the Godhead is comprised of more than one entity Gen 1:26 and Gen 3:22 This theory was first proposed by Tamara Beryl Latham on Colin Berry's "Science Buzz" site on July 2, 2021 at 4:01 PM Is it possible???  Yes, it is possible, if the Holy Spirit traveled faster than the speed of light. Here's my simple no-nonsense explanation for ... - Turin Shroud › ...   Summarizing on this site - June 6, 2022 -  God created the world in 6 days.  Think of Carl Sagan, who trumpeted the limerick, referencing the woman who traveled faster than the speed of light.   There once was a woman named Bright,   who traveled much faster than light.   She set out one day,   in a relative way,   and returned the previous night. With that limerick in mind and my theory of "The Trinity" -  3 separate or interchangeable entities under one Godhead, along with Einstein's "Theory of Relativity," we have the following: E= mc^2  where   E= Energy  (God) = The Father m= mass  (Jesus Christ)  = The Son c = speed of light  (Holy Spirit) =  The Mother  (Ruach HaKodesh - female gender) Certainly it is possible that both God and the Holy Spirit (according to Genesis 1:2,3 and 1:26)  created the world in 6 days.  The speed of light was not a constant.  Instead it was the speed at which the Holy Spirit traveled, and that was faster than the speed of light.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some older poetry publications - Tamara Beryl Latham   Latham, Tamara B. (chron.) * The Autumn of Farewell, (pm) Songs of Innocence #4, 2001 * The Blue Letters, (pm) Songs of Innocence #4, 2001 * The Branding Iron, (pm) Penny Dreadful #14, 2001 * Destiny, (pm) Penny Dreadful #10, 1999 * For Edmond, (pm) Songs of Innocence #2, 1999 * I Do Hear You, Love, (pm) Penny Dreadful #12, 2000 * I’ll Meet You There, (pm) Songs of Innocence #5, 2004 * Lost Dreams, (pm) Songs of Innocence #1, Summer 1999 * Lost Souls, (pm) Penny Dreadful #9, 1999 * Lovers Lost, (pm) Penny Dreadful #13, 2000 * The Midnight Hour, (pm) Penny Dreadful #11, Autumn 1999 * On Love, (pm) Penny Dreadful #12, 2000 Songs of Innocence #4, 2001 * Requiem in Blue, (pm) Penny Dreadful #13, 2000 * Shadow Fields, (pm) Songs of Innocence #2, 1999 * Symphony of Death, (pm) Penny Dreadful #9, 1999 * Thornbird, (pm) Penny Dreadful #12, 2000 * Through Winter Woods, (pm) Songs of Innocence #2, 1999 * Until Death, (pm) Songs of Innocence #1, Summer 1999 * Veronica (Villanelle), (pm) Songs of Innocence #4, 2001 * We Two Ships, (pm) Songs of Innocence #4, 2001 As well, I have been published in Tucumcari Literary Review, Troxey Kemper, Editor, Raintown Review, Harvey Stanbrough, Editor, Pendragonian Publications, Michael Pendragon, Editor, High Tide (annual publication of the Milford Fine Arts Council) Milford, CT, Kevin, Stanley Kavan, Madeline Salustri. Quotes by Tamara Beryl Latham QUOTES -  Tamara Beryl Latham ©2009   Though you are there and I am here too long.  Every star I see I think of you.   Do it yourself and you'll only have yourself to blame.   When we fail to use our brains, the losses far outweigh the gains.   Truth, like light, is often slanted.   Only lend money that you can afford to lose, because more often than not, you will.   They say it's black, you say it's brown, I say it's brindle.  We all see the same thing through different eyes.   Truth, like light, is sometimes bent.   The ones who are dwarfed by glass ceilings, bump their heads, break through on the way up, then emerge as giants!   Advice is free!  Whether you take it or adhere to it, you've neither lost nor paid a cent!   Revenge is the fool's way of dealing with pain!   Don't be afraid to take advice from a fool, sometimes he's smarter than you.   A wish is but a dream we never share!   Don't tell me what I cannot do; let me show you what I can do.   If you are reluctant to take advice from a fool, don't be!  Oftentimes he is just a reflection of you.              

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