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 Welcome to My Poetry Site -TERRA'S VERSE- William Dalton Carnes

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NEWS: Please Visit the NEWS for my Storybook Board Terra Verse's Storybook Board By William Dalton Carnes  Marmosian Kind (Preface) Deep in the Brazilian Amazonian Rainforest,  in the most remote portion of the forest, is a city beyond imagination.  Located high in the canopy, but low enough to be camouflaged is a city flourishing with evolutionally changed tool working, talking Brazilian Golden Pygmy Marmosets.  They have lived there and evolved for over one hundred centuries uninfluenced by human contact.  Over the centuries tool, making and working had been passed down from    Father and Mother to Son and Daughter with the best of the tool workers continuing to learn new ways of building, while the tool makers went on to become inventors and scientist as well as some remaining tool makers.  The best of the woodworkers went on to perfecting city building with mahogany being their wood of choice providing their civilization with the cities of modern conveniences. Marmosian scientists developed ways of lighting without harming the ecosystem by the natural flow of water storing power in batteries made by the inventors using the electric eel.  Marmosians seldom left their cities because of their stature.  Necessity was the reason for Scientific Expeditions, transportation was a problem upon reaching the ground.  The inventors worked with the scientists collecting research and data for problem shooting and development. Natural glues, cement, and proofing   along with sand and stone became their paths and walkways keeping the wood free from rot and deterioration, only a minute amount had to be used to obtain the desired result all from the Rubber tree.  The list goes on and on developing the need for more trained and specialized Marmosians for the job demands.  Marmosian kind had become a civilization just like that of the human kind.  (Poetic prose to follow.) Dedicated to all my Grandchildren, and Children of all ages. © terrasverse - all rights reserved. Marmosian Kind Complete Story (The Sci-Fi of Brazil) Deep in the Amazon Rainforest located in Brazil,     A story for the ages, a story that will fulfill   The aged and the young alike; with time Will repeat the story of Marmosiankind;    The Sci-Fi of Brazil.   Living in the canopies way above the ground Living through centuries never to be found. High atop the treetops, not high enough to be seen,   A civilization of Marmosets really sets the scene. Behold their size and stature it will rock you, knock you off your seat  No bigger than a man's finger showing they are complete. Having a warrior's bound really does astound   Leaping sixteen feet before resting on the ground. Brazilian Golden Pygmy Marmosets, are special at any time Talkers, woodworkers, tool makers, inventors  Oh so precious is their kind, Teaching, protecting, and loving life's Marmosiankind. Talking with each other making sure they're working on The same design and Blueprints; wait, they are gone!  The foreman grunts and hisses, screeching, "What are we to do!" The workers are grunting, "Where are the Blues?" The foreman kept on screeching, "What are we to do," "If my boss hears of this our building days are through!" Now I know I said "talking", interrupting is so crude If you thought I meant English, sorry for being rude. So the foreman put his crew to work until the day was through While he paced and scurried, He looked down and there about his lace, A weird look he drew on his face, Grunting and screeching, "Hey, they are on my shoe!" With the blueprints found,  The workers were happy and sound. Returning to work the next morning was a pleasure The worker's work could not have measured How happy they were to have their jobs Working for a boss who wasn't a clod! They pounded and squared and made everything level Checking everything's shape, including the bevels. "Another excellent job," their foreman squeaked,  "A thoroughly built house there; building complete!" Down around the corner, four blocks from here Stands the Scientist's Hall, a building of high revere  Many of our brethren, including my brother,  Creates new tools alongside many another! Standing next to it stands the Inventor's Hall Where scientists and inventors create them all  The tools we have used to build these walls From the scientists and inventors who made the calls! The buildings stand here as workshops needs, I have some introductions, before the expedition speeds! Meet Clarence, Terance, and Ference the brothers three. Clarence is the foreman of city builds.  Terance is a scientist of The Science Guild, Ference protects them and the city, Captain of the Guard, he shows no pity!  Ference provides protection in an unsafe world  Leading the expedition as the plan unfurls   Terance is meeting the scientist's needs Assuring their demands keeping societies creeds Load up the carriers for the order's been struck We are going for the eels the Eels Muck! Ference shrieks, "Get your crew moving," "We have to get there before the snakes start agrooving." Terance pulls his brother aside whispering, "Keep your snakes on the down-low, My Peeps aren't moving they're so slow, so please keep them on the lo-lo."  "No, I won't," said Ference.  "Your Peeps need to be afraid; They need to turn and run the other way when the snakes come to play." The expedition was all disarrayed Marmosians grunting and screaming, please not this way! Running here, there, all over, and around; Ference and Terance finally calmed them all down. See brother I asked to keep it on the lo-lo, cause between you and me the dangers that abound, Are not really too dangerous until we hit the ground! Making it through the canopies with no problems, no more A few leaps and bounds we'll be where the eels are stored Ference and his eel mucks were there a few hours before,  There they trapped the eels and placed them on the stream's shore. "Catching beasts are a tricky challenge as long as you no the score Getting what you need from them can surely make you soar  Flying through the air was I, straight into the sky The electricity the eel carried took me by surprise!"   Terance got what he needed returning the eels safe and sound Turning to the expedition saying, "Let's get off this ground!" Returning the way they came was no more  of a problem Then talking about the snakes and stuff that set the expedition toppling!    Another expedition to do, One last write, not true! One more experiment to help us prove The rubber tree will help with glue  The protection we share the duties that care Will keep our city beautifully fair. There is no conclusion for Marmosian Kind  As long as there are trees, there are vines You will hear of their stories and find That I will be rhyming with them from time to time. Keeping them alive and fresh in our minds There are more stories, its true The Saga of Marmosets Rule!  © terrasverse - all rights reserved. 2018    Behemoth Leviathan   Within the Mariana Trench lies unexplored uncountable leagues of caves,    A network interweaved and connected so vast that new undiscovered sea life had been found. Older prediscovered species has increased in size anywhere from six to twenty times their normal size. It has not been determined as to the present size of the newest species recently found.   Amany times I have encountered this creature, being cursed by a Shaman Medicineman Off the coast of Montserrat, West Indies in the Year of our Lord 1687 cursed to never walk The lands again until the end of all times doomed to travel through time forever unknowing what history In time I would remain until being hurled into another period. This is one of those times.  Out of  the briny abysmal deep, it crept slowly swimming creeping out of its lair waiting to strike Outward as a snake coiled doubling the length of its body. Upward like a spider upon a web bouncing Towards its prey.  Fathoms upon fathoms upward climb, its ten armlike tentacles Spiraling, ascending out tipped with calcium spike-pointed feelers, two of the ten being feeding tubules with teeth lined circular openings, Grasping nothing furthering its climb to more than ninety feet at a time. It's slightly buoyant tubular eggshaped body released tiny slime-filled bubbles oozing through scales covering its entire body except for a small area around its dual-lidded-lensed eyes.  Suddenly it stops changing direction in an instant heading towards a commotion on the surface, the wake of several smaller ships from a Whaler schooner which was in chase of a Big Blue Whale.  My men harpooned it several times tiring the behemoth enough to bring it under control to bring it back to the schooner for processing.  Nearing the ship with the whale skiffs, the team onboard the Schooner was working like a well-oiled machine casting ropes in preparation to secure the catch for the processing of the fat and oils needed for their bounty.  Suddenly the Schooner was cast about violently back and forth nearly capsizing with thousands of gallons of water rushing onboard, men being washed overboard engulfed by the unseen creature the whaling skiffs being crushed by the armlike tentacles of the Leviathan as the men were being skewered by the calcium spike-pointed feelers and eaten like Hors D'oeuvres one after another until the men and skiffs were either toothpicks or torn apart like chum.  The aftermath of battling the Leviathan had always been the same blood, death, destruction, and mayhem plus the loss of equity. One-hundred and eighty-seven was the complement aboard the Schooner, thirty-three was presumed dead or missing with another twenty-four injured. I would suddenly be thrust into another time period where I had to face it, again and again, with no certainty of killing the Behemoth Leviathan. © terrasverse - all rights reserved. 2018       

ABOUT: Let's make this more about the Poetry than the Poet.  Narrative prose, Narrative metaphoric prose,          Limpid Prose, Romantics, Political in a Deference Manner, Story Format prose, might as well say all; is my choice of  Poetic Works.  Poetry has its own body, nurtured and guided it will turn out sensational like a child reared in a God loving home. The artist's history and third eye (mind's eye) helps one develop a sense of what is appropriate for their artistic flair.  I write to make people think, to take a look at themselves and to see all possibilities.  Not only what life is, but what it can be made to be.  Words are our weapon of the tongue, because of choices, what one chooses can possibly affect humanity.  Words are omnipotent, every war has word origination.  Words are also the tool that I use when I can not verbalize when speaking.   I also use this tool when I can not  find the right words when consoling a loved one.  "POETRY BECOMES AN ART WHEN FLAWLESS."  Terra's Verse, William Dalton

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