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NEWS: Well, have decided to put the knives to good use, and am back to wood carving once again. Should provide new inspiration. I'd also like to thank my best friend, Terry Diver, for the inspiration he has provided for me to take my work in new directions. 8/12/06 Well, dear friends, I'm back again. Sorry for the absence, but life happens, you know? I went through a divorce this year, after being married for 16 years. We're all still friends, so that's the good part. The bad part is, my Muse has "been on vacation", so to speak. But keep your eyes open, as there are a few things in the works. Thank you for being such loyal readers! Amy 6/24/2009 OMG! I didn't realize that it had been so long since I had updated the news page! Dear readers, so much has happened in the past three years! I have gone from being a house wife, mother, and poet to being a Domestic Goddess, singer, mother, and poet. I remarried last year, to a man I have known in past lives. It's good to reconnect with my soul mate, you know? So many of the pieces I have written are about him, and he still makes my heart sing! My Muse has been on vacation for far too long, but I expect her (he, she, it) to return before too long, and then POOF! New work will appear here! I'll be back with you soon! Hugs to all!!!!!!!! 7/1/11 Good Lord, time flies! Sorry it's been so long, but have been busy with taking care of my hubby, until we finally lost the battle with the type 2 diabetes, kidney failure, and high blood pressure. The Elven King ceased to sing for all time on 3/5/11. It's been hard to deal with, but I'm finally starting to walk among the living again. The writers block is gone, and you should be seeing some new pieces added soon. Thank you for hanging with me! I love you all! HUGS! 7/16/11 At last! 20 new pieces for your reading enjoyment! Thank you for being so patient, and hanging with me! 6/18/2016  Good lord I can't believe I've left you all hanging here for so long! Have been going through troubled times, but I'm back again.   I've added 37 new pieces for you,so don't forget to leave feed back. Oh! And sign the guest book, so I'll know you've been here. 1/28/17  Hi all! Will be getting some new pieces up here pretty soon. Have started a poetry club in my little town, and so far we are having a blast. 2/18/17  Hi dear readers! Have added a few new pieces for your enjoyment. I have a few more in the works, so should be updating my list pretty soon. In the mean time, Kick back, relaxe, and check out the new pieces.

ABOUT: I am married to a wonderful singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist, and we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary in March. When I'm not writing (or attempting to!), I enjoy feeding the birds, squirrels, and assorted critters in my back yard. I also enjoy quiet evenings on the back porch with my hubby, his guitar, and an evening of singing together. I am a widow now. My husband passed from this earth 5 years ago.  When the writers block lets me write, I enjoy putting pen to paper. I now spend a lot of time reading, and enjoying the company of my children from time to time. I am a 51 year old Domestic Goddess, who is totally in love with the printed word.  I have been writing now for about 16 years, and enjoy it immensely. My two grown children are wonderful about my writing. They have learned that when mom gets "that look", a new piece or two is on the way, and she won't hear anything we say. My late husband was my Muse for so many years,and encouraged me to stretch my wings. I make my home in the little town of Mt. Healthy, OH ,where I grew up.  I can't believe it's been this long since I updated!k  Since I last updated, I've had to move 4 times, and now I'm settled in a little apartment in Saylor Park, Ohio.  I've had writers block for the past few years, but since I have woods, wildlife, and the Ohio River, I should be able to get back up on the horse soon.  Thank you for reading this. Now go enjoy some poetry.

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