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NEWS: I'm working on my new poem now. It's going to be released here soon. Please check it out. It's worth reading!

ABOUT: In having less in life, one can see clearly the beauty of God's grace flowing like spring that never runs dry, leading us to life eternal. I wrote this as a realization of my nothingness and being grateful of God's gift for me. The gift of life and the beauty it contains. When richness and fame fades, only our inner selves remain because it reflects who we are and this is all that matters. I may not have become the person others expect me to be but where I am now is the kind of peace I've wanted and Poetrypoem has given me that place. I realize poetry gives us that opportunity to express what we think and feel artistically. It's a rainbow after the rain that makes us smile and say, everything's worth it. "for I've seen the working of the Divine . . . in my hand . . . in every line." (excerpt from my poem, The Poetess) by: Elena Maria Mana-ay Parcon           

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