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ABOUT: Who am I? I am a woman with passion and empathy. I abhor anger that destroys the beauty of nature and living creatures. I am an optimist, looking for the best in people and trying to help when they tread water for a long time. I enjoy laughing and grasp any opportunity to do so. Laughing is truly the best medicine. Humor is high on my priority list. Laughing is contagious! Last, but never least, I have a passion for writing. I may not be the best poet, but I feel if I can reach out to one individual, that is a job well done. I was lost for a long time and fell in love with someone who did not have any concept to commitment in a relationship. His infidelities destroyed the trust I had in people. It took me a long time to crawl back out and with the love of our Lord, Jesus, I know that I am a loved by him and I am worth loving. Believing in myself and knowing the gifts bestowed on me, I walk forward never backwards. The dragons of yore were called evil. I am the Whitedragon, my heart is pure and I believe in goodness and mercy.

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