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I have two books published in e book 1. Turning Point and 2. Believe/  published by SmashwordsI have a third one called Letters, It's love poems from a man to his lover it will be out in july  you can find my poetry anywhere in the world that you can download an ebook and on any thing you can download e books on.. I have works in City. Night. Sky,. also in Echoes published by Write Around Portland..  I been published in the International who's who in poetry.. I have also have work displayed at faithwriters.com.  I have poetry on display at poetryvista.com/theletters and advisor4.. I've been published in many social newspapers and church bulletins.  Placed 1st and third in two of the poems here on poetrypoems. I have won a1st for dark places on fathwriters.com.  I have 6 books in editing for publication, I have 22 songs words and music.  In  Feb I sang and played my song Believe.  If you are interested in self publishing  see smashwords.com

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Blessings of Light.  I am 74.  I believe in music.  I believe that WE are forever.  The body is only one part of us.  That God is omnipotent and omnipresent.  We are connected to the power of the universe, which is God.  He is my companion.  He leaves me speechless.  I was raised in the Bay Area in Ca now I live in Oregon outside Portland.  I have been writing poetry all my life and want to paint pictures with my words.  I hope you can feel the joy and pain I have had.  My hope is that you find a piece of yourself in my poetry.  . I love the beauty of the world,  My dreams do come true, thank you Lord. I have three books published as e books they are: Turning Point, Believe, and Letters.  You can download them on anything you can download e books on in any format.  I now have a sale on at smashwords.com.  Thank you for your time.

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